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April 8, 2008



- Completes the Fatal Fury Battle Archives collection

- Easier to get into than the current crop of fighting games



- Wishing they had gone all out and make the historical information available and the behind the scenes secrets



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Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol. 2

Score: 7.0 / 10


One of these days I'll finally kick the nostalgia habit.  My game library is cluttered with compilation collections of video games because I can't quite seem to come to grips with the fact I hardly ever play these games but I'm comforted by the fact that the classic games are there, ready to be played if the mood hits me.  This is precisely why Fatal Fury Battle Archives Volume 2 finds a home on my Classics shelf.


fatal fury battle archives vol. 2          fatal fury battle archives vol. 2


Combing three titles on one handy disc, the second Battle Archive includes Real Bout Fatal Fury, Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, and Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers.  It was a time when sprites ruled the world of fighting games and those sprites are replicated here to satisfying effect.  Those all three of these titles




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are many years old now, they still manage to look great.


I only have a peripheral knowledge of the Fatal Fury franchise since it always - and erroneously - struck me as a poor man's Street Fighter.  After flurrying my way through the three titles, I have a wider appreciation for the series (at least it's latter half because Kurt reviewed the first volume of the Battle


Archives).  There was definitely more depth to these games than I initially gave them credit for, both figuratively and literally.  Fans already know that the action moves along parallel lines.  Besides fighting on a main line, Fighters can change lines - up or down - to evade attacks then quickly strike their opponent rather than blocking.  The speed the games move at really help make this a viable strategy.  Unlike games like Super Hyper ADHD edition of Street Fighter that reward players who can actually turn conscious thought off and move on instinct alone, these Fatal Fury games actually move at a reasonable speed, where players can think about what they're doing prior to actually doing it.


fatal fury battle archive vol. 2          fatal fury battle archives vol. 2


How much satisfaction and fun you'll derive from Battle Archives Volume 2 is directly tied to how well you know the series.  Playing these games for the first time, I really liked the large character roster for each title and the ease of use of most of the characters and their consistency from game to game (with a few minor tweaks along the way).


As with most of the compilation packages I've reviewed, it always amazes me that extra content wasn't poured onto the disc.  It's a missed opportunity that extras like developer interviews, bonus wallpapers, and concept art because these always provide some kind of insight into the development of a game series and how it might have changed from the original vision.  The only extra you get is the ability to alter the color scheme of the characters.  That's pretty limp, but the games themselves are good enough to stand on their own as a worthy purchase for collectors and those that may be curious about the series.


- Omni

(July 29, 2008)


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