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September 26, 2006



- Nice selection of Ford vehicles



- Zero innovation and bland execution

- Cars control like tanks on ice skates

- Team driving concept much better in theory than execution



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Ford Bold Moves Street Racing

Score: 4.0 / 10


Though I own a couple of the earlier incarnations of the Ford Racing series, Bold Moves Street Racing is the first one I’ve bothered to put in a system (or even cracked the shrink-wrap on).  I picked up the earlier ones in clearance bins because I really like racing games, even bad one sometimes, but the Ford Racing games looked so bland that I couldn’t bring myself to actually give them a shot.  Now, when forced to by the task masters at Armchair Empire, I find that I was perfectly right about the games.  Ford Bold Moves Street Racing is as drab, boring, and non-“bold” as it could possibly be.  Even as a bargain title, it is a must-skip kind of affair.


ford bold moves street racing          ford bold moves street racing


The basic concept is straight-forward; players put together teams of three Ford-licensed muscle cars and enter races.  There is a team concept here with commands that let you draft and block for your teammates and the ability to switch between cars on your team, and the final standings are based on the




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performance of your team as a whole. The game includes solo, team, and championship modes as well as split-screen multi-player for two players.  There is a tutorial mode and some challenges also, but no online mode is included.


I’m going to have a lot of negative things to say here, so I’ll start with the positive.  The game includes a nice 


selection of Ford vehicles that are accurately-modeled and pretty good looking.  Included are the 2006 Mustang GT, the 2007 Shelby GT500, the GT90 concept car, the 1969 Boss 302, and quite a few other cool-in-the-real-world vehicles.  That said, the game controls so poorly that none of the cars resemble their real-life counterparts beyond skin deep, and I never got the feeling that I was driving a real vehicle like I do occasionally with a game like Gran Turismo.


On top of the poor handling, the game's team functions are made obsolete by completely awful (and cheating, rubber-banding, bullshit) A.I.  Leaving a lead vehicle to try to drop back and move an trailing car forward is useless as the lead vehicle will lose as much track position as the new vehicle gains.  Drafting and blocking are made useless by the fact that unless you drop all three vehicles down into the last three slots, it is impossible to set up a drafting situation that benefits you.


ford bold moves street racing          ford bold moves street racing


The track design is as boring and un-original as can be imagined, with every single track giving me déjà vu.  Half the tracks look pulled straight from the Ridge Racer games—though without the cool real world objects populating the screen.  The graphics aren’t terrible, just drab and unoriginal.


I know this is a bargain title, but I can’t come close to recommending Bold Moves to anyone other than the die hard Ford car fan.  Even those people already likely have better options for simulating driving ¾ of the vehicles in the game, so unless they really need the latest model Ford vehicles in a mediocre driving games, even the Ford fans should keep their money in their wallet.


- Danny Webb

(November 20, 2006)


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