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Playstation 2












M (Mature)



January 2005


- Great voice acting

- Decent graphics

- Pretty good story



- Sloppy gameplay

- The gameís stealth elements are crap

- On-foot missions are easy

- Not a very satisfying experience



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The Getaway: Black Monday

Score: 6.0 / 10


Two years ago, SCEE Studios released their first Grand Theft Auto clone, The Getaway.  Gameplay wasnít exactly on par with Grand Theft Auto, but the game had an entertaining storyline. Now SCEE Studios brings us The Getaway: Black Monday. I was expecting Black Monday to be more polished and refined than its predecessor, but SCEE didnít seem to be thinking the same thing. If anything, itís weaker than the first game.


getaway black monday ps2 review          getaway black monday ps2 review


In Black Monday, you control three different people.  You first play as a cop named Ben Mitchell, who has recently made his return to the police force after a two-year suspension. Heís supposed to be kind of a badass in a way because he is a troubled fellow, but personally, his story and character doesnít appeal to me very much, especially compared to other videogame characters in recent memory. Next we have Eddie who could be considered to be on the opposite side of the law from the police. You see, not only is he a boxer, but heís also a bank robber. I find Eddie to be a more entertaining character then Ben, but that is just my opinion. Finally, we have the stealthy Sam who obviously relies on stealth rather than taking everyone head on. Usually stealthy characters have some cool sneak attacks, but Iíll get to that later.


As already mentioned, you start the game as Ben Mitchell. Unfortunately, you have a very low variety of weapons and the controls feel a bit clunky at first, but you will eventually get used to it. Ben has the ability to arrest baddies, which may sound kind of cool, if the baddiesí buddies didnít just stand there and watch. Eddie has some melee attacks and, like Ben, it couldíve been cool, if it was done right that is. While fist fighting an enemy, his comrades would just watch and leave you alone until your done pounding their buddy down. (Nice friends.) The AI is utterly ridiculous!


When youíre in control of Eddie, things start to pick up a bit, particularly the storyline. The game is still a mess though. What really kills the experience is controlling Sam. There are some really good stealth elements in games like the Metal Gear series and Splinter Cell, however; Black Monday doesnít share the same caliber of those two games and SCEE Studios should more than reconsider implementing stealth in future games. Everything with Sam is a maze full of stupid guards who donít even move. Itís all trial and error.





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Throughout the game you will go through several missions like finding somebody etc. Some missions are even timed. In between all the action and stealth is where driving comes in. I found the missions that involved driving to be better than the majority of foot missions to tell you the truth. With Mitch, you will have some police vehicles at your disposal and a bigger variety with Eddie. There are some slow crappy vehicles in the game like the Vauxhall Corsa and of course there are some better ones like the Mercedes. You can also 


ride bikes, which is what I actually prefer. Handling vehicles isnít as good as games like GTA, but theyíre not that bad either. As far as being fun, driving has its own sense of charm even if it does get quite tedious after a while. What I didnít like was driving as Mitch. I know cops can get away with a lot of things and that Mitch is not a saint, but having the freedom to run over people (including cops) without even being questioned or getting in trouble (never mind not even getting arrested), is just impudence!  Eddie, on the other hand, canít get away with such things and will have trouble if he speeds up too much, passes a red light etc. If you want to take a little detour from the main story, there are some other modes you can check out like racing. But all the side features are boring like the main game. Getting back to the main game, the missions are broken up from action to stealth with a lot driving at the side. In the end it doesnít balance very well. I would like to entirely blame this on the stealth missions, but that wouldnít be fair.


getaway black monday ps2 review          getaway black monday ps2 review


Graphics are a mixed bag here. Character models look nice and realistic, but they there is a lot of stiff animation. The environments are impressive but not spectacular. What I really loved about it is that it gave the feel of being in London.


I found that the audio was really strong. If I was rating this game on just audio alone I would give it a 10 out of 10. The tunes and exceptional voice acting really helped bring out some life. The excellent dialogue also made the story enjoyable. All the voice actors were great like David Legeno who played Eddie. They really made the scenes come out strong.


Fans of the original may love this game, but casual gamers should be warned. Itís no GTA, but Iíve played worst games recently. This is a definite rent before buying.



(February 15, 2005)

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