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December 2001


- Online support

- Pretty good music

- USB support



- Franchise is starting to show its age

- Problems with USB headset support

- Audio could have been better



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Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm

Score: 6.3 / 10


Tom Clancyís Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm is the second release of the series for the PS2, and only one of a recent blitz of Tom Clancy oriented software. Straightforward it is less exciting to the masses than its Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell brethren, however that's no reason to merely disregard it. Ghost Recon offers squad based anti-terrorism combat and tactical maneuvers much in the same vein as Rainbow Six and Socom: Navy Seals but separates itself from each with the little things and overall presentation.


jungle storm review          jungle storm review


Hereís the breakdown. (All of this should be old news for Ghost Recon veterans.) Youíre a good guy, a Ghost if you will. In a team of two teams (Alpha and Bravo) of three you tackle missions against the worldís favorite bad guys the terrorist. Hostage, bomb, whatever, you kill these fellers and complete these objectives and mission accomplished. So, I donít explain it with all too much flair? Donít worry; in game you have the writings of Mr. Clancy to string the missions together with a real purpose. They donít put his name on it for nothing. If you are a fan of said author the mission briefings should be right up your alley, otherwise you may just find yourself skipping them because of length and lack of interest.





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After the briefing youíll come to an opportunity to choose six squad members, which vary in class, stats and equipment. Classes range from support, sniper, demolitions and a few others. Stats and equipment are mostly linked to the class of the officer, such as sniper rifles for snipers and higher endurance for support. Time to deploy.


Graphically, GR:JS doesnít get the job done. The environments look horrible but the 


character models were done a bit better, but still could have had much more room for improvement. In simple terms, the gameís visuals are really outdated.


jungle storm review          jungle storm review


Audio in the game isnít all that great either. The visuals and audio are both starting to show their age. Itís way outdated, especially compared to other games like SOCOM II. They couldíve at least had better voice acting and sound effects. The music isnít so bad though.


Overall Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm isnít a terrible game by all means, but itís more suited for hardcore fans of the series that are likely to tolerant its shortcomings.


- JíTonello

(August 1, 2004)

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