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Naughty Dog



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Q4 2004


- Huge environments

- Very interesting story and characters

- Amazing graphics and character animation

- No loading times

- Great voice acting

- Challenging



- A little too much time on the dune buggies

- Maybe a bit too challenging for some players



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Jak 3

Score: 9.5 / 10


In the latest and last Jak adventure, loose ends are tied up, character bonds grow stronger and the fate of the world is on the brink of destruction.  Naughty Dogís final Jak game has arrived and the epic trilogy ends with a blast.


Jak and the gangsí victory from Jak II is short lived. Chaos has been brought to Haven City and people always need someone to blame. Jak seems to be the unlucky candidate even though he saved those lowlifes. Jak is then banished to the Wasteland to rot, with Daxter and Pecker accompanying him. Jak passes out and is found by Daimos, King of Spargus city. Daimos and his men bring Jak and friends back to Spargus and the story continues from there.


jak 3 review          jak 3 review


Jak 3 made one of the best first impressions on me, ever. I turn the game on, watched the exciting opening, started a new game and watched a brief info and then BOOM! Jakís in the death arena to prove himself a worthy fighter to stay in Spargus City where only the strong survive. After killing your opponents, Jak meets Kleiver, a heavy set fellow with an attitude problem. (Then again, everyone in Spargus has a bad attitude to some extent).


The majority of missions you will receive in Spargus will require the player to search the Wastelands, the Outskirts that separate Spargus from Haven city. Once in the Wasteland, players can search for their destination. Missions will require Jak and Daxter to talk to an important character and go from point A to point B using a dune buggy. There are quite of a bit of vehicles to pick from, but some have to be unlocked. Traveling through the Wastelands is more fun than traveling through Haven city was in Jak II. There are people constantly trying to blow you up while youíre trying to reach your destination. The buggies donít come empty handed. The Hopper for example has a grenade launcher on top of the vehicle. Riding the dune buggies is a lot of fun and the controls are great, but I feel that the game is a little too vehicle orientated.





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After a certain percentage of the game is done, Jak will have to return to Haven city. Itís not the same Haven from Jak II, however. Remember those annoying feds that would constantly chase you? No more of those. The KG, the resistance and a huge batch of remaining Metal Heads are too busy slaughtering each other in a war. No matter where Jak goes, heís participating in it. In Haven, Jak will receive missions from his old buddy Torn and eventually he will meet up with Samos and the gang again. Letís just 


say that your first visit in Haven will leave you in a temporary state of shock. Hover vehicles are still available for use in Jak 3, but thankfully it doesnít take as long to get from one point to another.


Foot missions in Jak 3 feel more polished than they did in Jak II. Thankfully there are more checkpoints than there was in Jak II. I still remember the one Jak II mission where you had to escort some of Krewís men through the sewer. Every time you died you had to start over from scratch. You will not find such an annoyance in Jak 3.


Jak has the same basic melee moves as before like the spin kick, punch, uppercut and the moves that work kind of like Super Marioís butt stomp. This time around Jak can obtain more upgrades for his Morph gun. The Scatter gun, Blaster, Vulcan Fury and Peacemaker from Jak II now have two additional upgrades which behave like completely different guns. Counting all the upgrades, there are 12 gun types in total. Even with all the new upgrades this game is still very challenging, just like its predecessor. You will die a lot, but thank God there are no loading times in this game. Once you die, youíre instantly back in play. Being in such big and vast areas like Spargus and Haven, itís truly a wonder on how Naughty Dog managed to avoid any load times.


jak 3 review          jak 3 review


Environmental obstacles have always been a big thing in the Jak trilogy and this game makes no exceptions. At times the player will have to jump from ledge to ledge while the ledges crumble. Sometimes players will have to swing from one pole to another pole to reach their destination. The awesome hoverboard is back and at certain spots, players are forced to use it to travel from one point to another. Some obstacles are like mini games, for example: Jak hang gliding to get to a volcano or a digitalized Daxter going Pac-man style. These mini games werenít just quickly slapped together as a deceiving way to add depth, but they are actually a lot of fun, really.


Graphically, Jak 3 is most impressive. Character models are amazing and the environments are very richly detailed. I havenít found any glitches and everything just runs so smoothly. What I love in particular is the facial expressions, especially when a character is surprised. Even the effects from weapon blasts look great!


The music suits the game well, and the voice acting more than does the game justice. Not only are Jak and Daxterís voices great, but every person from the supporting cast shows some talent. Each voice suits the characterís personality well.


About 12 hours through Jak 3, I felt very scared that I was already 95% done the game. This series has been a lot of fun and the story was just plain awesome. I didnít want it to end. After I beat the game I almost cried. Not from disappointment however, because the ending was great and it gave a great conclusion to the epic trilogy. However, I donít think weíve seen the last of our heroes.


- J'Tonello

(December 2, 2004)

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