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Traveller's Tales



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Q2 2005



- Good presentation

- Cool puzzles

- Cooperative play is fun

- Over 30 controllable characters



- No manual control over the camera

- Way too short

- More experienced gamers may not find it challenging enough

- Game play can feel monotonous at times.

- Friendly AI is rather useless in fighting



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Lego Star Wars

Score: 7.7 / 10


With the release of the next Star Wars movie around the corner, it would only make sense to see a couple of Star Wars games shipping around this time period and one of the more interesting Star Wars games to be released (now or ever) is Lego Star Wars (LSW). LSW is based on.


lego star wars review          lego star wars review


LSW takes the Star Wars universe (from Episode I, II, and III) and recreates all the characters and some parts of the environments using Lego pieces. While this may turn off some Star Wars fans, it shouldnít since the inclusion of the Lego World to the Star Wars Universe is handled extremely well.


Itís important to note that LSW was developed with gamers of all ages in mind (although there is an obvious leaning toward the 12 and under crowd). LSW doesnít offer anything extraordinary or innovative with its gameplay, but at its core itís a solid and enjoyable game.


LSW borrows heavily from a lot of other kinds of platformers. More than anything, LSW gameplay focuses heavily on puzzle solving. The puzzle solving proves to be rather easy, but the way the puzzle solving is handled is very slick. For the entire game youíll have either computer controlled player(s) or be playing co-op with another person by your side. You can easily switch back and forth amongst any characters, which are fighting alongside you. Each character in the game has their own special move, which is used to solve puzzles. Most of the puzzles in the game require the Jediís to use their power to transform different Lego pieces into objects like bridges or stairs. There are even some interesting team based puzzles thrown into the mix. So, youíll require the effort of most of your team for completing some of the puzzles.





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The combat in the game is fairly straightforward. LSW plays like pretty much any hack and slash game. In an effort to eliminate the monotony from the combat, you can use different weapons, puzzle solve and, yes, jump into vehicles. Even with the change of pace, there still are stretches of the game where the gameplay does grow stale.


Like I mentioned before, LSW is based on the Episode I, II, and III of the Star Wars movies. Each Episode is comprised of at least four to seven chapters. The 


game doesnít force you to play all episodes in order. Once you beat the first level of the game, you can simply choose which episode you would like to begin with. There are some minor spoilers in the Episode III part of the game, so those who are sensitive to spoilers, may want to hold off playing Episode III of the game.


If youíre avid video game player, then youíll probably have no trouble at all beating LSW. The boss battles are extremely easy and donít really require you to change your combat style. The game doesnít offer a significant challenge to more experienced gamers, but its fun nonetheless. The story mode takes less than eight hours to beat, but there are some collectible items, so there is some incentive to play through the game a few more times.


lego star wars review          lego star wars review


One of the best ways to play LSW is with another person. LSW supports two-player co-op, which turns out to be extremely enjoyable. Playing co-op also covers up some of the AI problems with the game. When youíre playing by yourself, youíll notice that your teammates are basically useless when fighting enemies.


The presentation in LSW is excellent. The gameís visuals are detailed and the Lego look is superb. In terms of audio, the developers made an interesting choice for the dialogue. There is no dialogue in the game. Instead, the cutscenes are handled through the actions and expressions of the characters. While it may seem unusual, the story is still conveyed pretty well.


While Lego Star Wars seems like a rather simplistic game, it will surely appeal to most gamers. LSW does have its shortcomings, but itís easily one of the best Star Wars games on PS2. Star Wars fan or not, it deserves your attention.


- Siddharth Masand

(May 5, 2005)

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