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Q3 2004



- Relationship meter



- Boring and repetitive

- Practically impossible to die



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McFarlane's Evil Prophecy

Score: 3.0 / 10


Todd Mcfarlane’s Evil Prophecy was developed by Konami’s Hawaii branch, and I get the feeling they were spending more time soaking in the sun and downing Mai Tai than concentrating on making a playable game.  Make no mistake: Evil Prophecy is as unplayable a mess of a game as I’ve ever seen come out of a reputable publisher.  Nothing about Evil Prophecy makes it worth recommending.  Much about it is mind-bogglingly bad.  That should be enough of a review for most of you. For those needing more details, read on.


evil prophecy review            evil prophecy review


The basic game play of Evil Prophecy involves controlling four heroic characters in battles against hordes of generic monsters.   Player’s can switch between characters on the fly, which is a nice touch.  The four characters are unique enough because of art design that they feel different when playing through the game, but their basic controls boil down to the same set: melee attack, range attack, area of effect attack, jump.





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Now, switching between characters is neat, especially because of the game’s relationship meter which displays the level of affection between each pair of characters.  This element is pretty straight-forward.  If one character “saves” another during combat, the relationship improves; if a character in the vicinity of an attack fails to help their teammate, the relationship falters.  Having helped a teammate makes it more likely you will be helped when the time comes.  This is kind of cool, but 


utterly worthless since the game offers no challenge whatsoever.  It doesn’t matter what character you are controlling or what the circumstances, it is almost impossible to get killed in the game.


evil prophecy review            evil prophecy review


Not only can the creatures of the game not kill you, they are so generic and so boring and so numerous, that killing them is a chore akin to cleaning out the stables of Augeus.  Each level features a small variety of monsters (usually two) that spawn over and over again requiring the player to mash button after button.  The game tracks the player’s kills on each level and the numbers are ludicrous.  This wouldn’t be a problem if it was any fun at all to execute the kills.  As it is, the button-mashing gets repetitive and boring about ten minutes in.


I wish there was something in Evil Prophecy to recommend it.  I like Mcfarlane’s designs in general.  I even have a full collection of his re-imaginings of the classic Universal monsters.  Here, his design isn’t anything special, and the graphic’s engine shows what innovation is there in a poor light.  Unless you have an incredible urge to kill the same ugly beast a couple of hundred times, stay away from this mess.


- Tolen Dante

(September 1, 2004)

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