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- Intense gameplay

- Funny dialogue

- Lots of destruction!

- Lots of missions

- Lots of enemies



- Lack of music

- Can be frustrating



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Metal Arms: Glitch in the System

Score: 8.6 / 10


If someone were to tell you that Metal Arms is a game for kids at first glance, they would probably be right. However, when you actually play the game you will find that Metal Arms is definitely an intense hardcore third person shooter that anyone can enjoy.


metal-arms-glitch-system.jpg (15150 bytes)        metal-arms-glitch-system-2.jpg (17314 bytes)


Metal Arms is a third person shooter where players take control of the underdog, a little robot named Glitch. Glitch is a member of the resistance, a force trying to save the world by getting rid of terrifying evil robot forces known as Mils. Throughout the game our hero Glitch will free enslaved robots and rediscover who he is.





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Throughout Metal Arms players will have to shoot their way through 40 missions using some really destructive and lethal weapons. First you start off with your standard mining laser, but as you progress through the game you will find many other deadly long ranged weapons such as a spew, a rocket launcher, a ripper, and many other weapons. One weapon in particular is called a tether gun which will let you take control of an enemy robot and have all of its skills and abilities. All the weapons in Metal 


Arms are upgradeable and upgrades can be purchased at the shop or found during missions. There are also secondary weapons/items to help Glitch out, such as grenades. The overall difficulty of this game is pretty hard especially in some areas which can be very frustrating. The game’s difficulty will either invite gamers like me, or cause less experienced gamers to stay away.


As far as storyline goes, don’t expect Metal Arms to be very heavy in that area, though the cut scenes are cool and at times the dialogue is humorous.  The strongest point of Metal Arms is how action packed it is. You are constantly blowing enemies away while trying not to get blown up yourself in the process. It is very entertaining watching a damaged enemy Mil running around like a pansy, flailing his arms everywhere, while pointlessly shooting in the air. The gameplay is very repetitive but gamers should be able to overlook it because they will find themselves constantly having a good time blowing enemies to smithereens. However every once in a while Glitch will board a vehicle of some sort like a hovercraft or a tank. This can help you clear certain points of the game pretty fast as well as change the pace of the game preventing it from feeling too tedious.


Metal Arms overall isn’t overly that colourful nor that dark graphic-wise. It can be a bit dull though because of the lighting within each stage. The effects from the weapons bring in some life. The character models are well done and there is a wide variety of enemy Mils. The lack of lighting does help add some depth into the mood which suites the game very well.


metal-arms-glitch-system-3.jpg (12824 bytes)       metal-arms-glitch-system-4.jpg (15123 bytes)


Sound effects in the game are good, but nothing special. The voice acting in this game is very well done, which actually comes as a surprise to me. What really got to me about Metal Arms was the fact that it lacked a soundtrack. There was hardly any music at all.  It would’ve been nice to have some fast paced music with some heavy beats while playing this hardcore shoot’em up game. That’s kind of a let down for me… but gamers who don’t really care about their in game music probably wont let it get to them.


Overall Metal Arms is a great game that any fan of shooters or third person games would enjoy. If Vivendi were to spawn a sequel I would definitely grab my own copy in no time.


- Jay Tonello

(February 14, 2004)

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