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October 22, 2009



- Great graphics

- Great track and vehicle variety



- Could have used online play like the PSP version

- In general, why does the PSP version offer more features?



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MotorStorm: Arctic Edge

Score: 8.0 / 10


motorstorm arctic edge          motorstorm arctic edge


MotorStorm has become a fan favorite on the PS3 and itís nice to see it actually take a stab on the PS2 for those of you that still have one. Even if all you have is a PS3, you might want to consider picking this one up if your system plays PS2 games because this one offers a unique yet familiar experience.


You are taking racing to Alaska where the harsh terrain plays a larger role in your quest to win (and survive) with avalanches, broken bridges and various height levels will fight against you. Like other MotorStorm games, this one urges you to not only win but also to survive. Learning the tracks (and when to boost) is going to




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be vital for you to make it across the finish line but also keep yourself from blowing up.


In addition to the original six vehicle classes, Arctic Edge offers two new ones to go with the new environment. The Snowcat and the Snow Machine are great for making it through the snow and ice and these new elements keep this racing game fresh and enjoyable.



The graphics are excellent for the PS2 although you are probably going to expect it this late in the life of the machine. The problem is that a lot of the titles coming out now are budget priced and often skimp on the graphics polish. This one Iím happy to say does not, and youíll enjoy all the snowflake pixels heading onto your screen.


I was disappointed by the lack of online multiplayer for the PS2. Although I understand not everyone has the network adapter for the system, those playing on a PS3 can use network play and I think this would have added a lot more replayability to the title. As it is, youíll have to be happy with split screen multiplayer which is still available and works well for what it is.


Another great feature is the ability to customize your vehicles. This isnít anything new, but you have a decent amount of control over everything from the sponsorship stickers to the wheels, exhaust, spoilers and more. This will add to your experience and make it uniquely your own.


motorstorm arctic edge          motorstorm arctic edge


If youíre not that familiar with MotorStorm you essentially want to look at driving offensively and defensively. Itís not as attack heavy as something like burnout, but you have to balance your quest for speed with taking out the biggest threats. I found that overall things were enjoyable but I found myself hitting spots on the track where I completely crashed more often than I would have liked. Itís a minor complaint and after I learned the tracks better it wasnít an issue but it may frustrate you the first time you play certain tracks.


Twelve tracks make up the selection youíll have and the value in this game is pretty high. The environments in this game might be pretty cold but Iím happy to say the game is pretty hot. If you have to make a decision about buying only the PSP or PS2 version I have to recommend the PSP version for the extra online features (not only multiplayer but online leaderboards and sharing photo mode). Overall, a pleasant surprise.


- Syd Bolton

(December 31, 2009)



 Syd Bolton surrounds himself in classic games at the Personal Computer Museum (www.pcmuseum.ca) in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.


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