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Q2 2003



- Excellent game play

- Good visuals

- Solid Audio Package

- Old school legends and throwback jerseys

- 4-player multiplayer

- Playing defense is actually fun!



- No online play

- Commentating can get too repetitive

- No “real” plays



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NBA Street Vol. 2

Score: 9.3 / 10


The original NBA Street was a success for Electronic Arts and paved the way for NBA Street Vol. 2, which has been improved in almost every single way imaginable while retaining the same great game play.


nba street vol 2 ps2 review          nba street vol 2 ps2 review


After enjoying many hours of the original NBA Street, I was shocked at how great Volume 2 is.  There are better and deeper game modes this time around. Volume 2 has the same challenge mode in which you choose a team (NBA or custom created) and play each NBA team and collect rewards along the way. During the challenge mode you will also face off against all the old school legends such as Larry Bird, Darryl “The Chocolate Thunder” Dawkins, and Will “The Stilt” Chamberlain. There are a total of twenty-five legends in the game. One of the best things to do is pit the new school players such as Vince Carter, Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson against the 




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old school players.  This is the kind of basketball culture that fans should love.  Come to think of it, Vol. 2 is the only sports game to blend culture with basketball.


The game includes a school mode, which teaches you the basic skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting and trick moves. This is a necessary track to take if you want to kick your friends to the curb with some truly cool moves.  And you will play with friends as Vol. 2 supports 4 simultaneous players. (Yes!)



One of the more interesting game modes is the legend mode. In the legend mode you can create players and see how they fare against the best players in the world, and see for yourself whether or not you’re good enough to become a legend.


The beautiful trick moves are varied, fun and easy to pull off. Pulling off trick moves can also give you a slight offensive advantage as well in the form of "Game breakers," which can be achieved by tallying a certain number of trick points. The game breakers increase your shooting accuracy and any basket made during a game breaker will decrease the number of points the opposing team has.


Another addition to Vol. 2 are the reward points obtained by meeting specific objectives, which can used to unlock players, throwback jersey’s and courts.


The graphics are much improved from the original NBA Street. The graphics look sharper and the player detail is incredible. All of the NBA players are dead-on, right down to the basketball shoes. There is a nice array of graphical effects implemented during the game breakers and when you sink the game winning point. The detail on the legendary courts such as the “The Cage” in New York is excellent and creates and captures the atmosphere of each court.


nba street vol 2 ps2 review          nba street vol 2 ps2 review


The commentating has thankfully been redone from the original with Bobbito Garcia being the game’s commentator. The commentating is good for the most part, but tends to get repetitive.  To save the audio department, Vol. 2 does comes equipped with a great audio package from artists such as Nelly.


Vol. 2 does have a few noticeable problems, but none that make the game any less enjoyable. It’s a little disappointing to see no online mode implemented. The AI is good for the most part, but sometimes the AI can be a pushover, especially when it comes to rebounding. There is no real play calling system in the game. It would have been nice to see a type of play-calling screen in which you could set up zone defenses or play man to man or play a triangle offence. The addition of a play calling system would have added a little more depth to an already beefed-up game.


With an even better line-up of game modes this time around, NBA Street Volume 2 should have basketball enthusiasts hooked. Even those who aren’t fans of sports should definitely check this game out -- one of the best sports games of this year.


- Siddharth Masand

(July 6, 2003)

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