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Playstation 2












M (Mature)



Q1 2001



- Great visuals

- Lots of monster killing action

- Gore is good



- Too short

- Voice acting needed some work (no, Daikatana needed work, this needs an overhaul)

- Nothing new, no real advancements for the genre



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Onimusha Warlords

Score: 8/10

After much anticipation, Capcomís newest survival horror game Onimusha Warlords is on store shelves. The story is set in Japan, 1560 and you play Samanosuke Akechi in his quest to rescue Princess Yuki. (The last time I had to rescue a princess was with Mario.) Not only do you play a samurai, but also you get 3 different swords throughout the game utilizing different combos and  powers. You can also get a matchlock pistol and a bow. But the real fun is hacking apart monsters with one of the nice shiny swords.

onimusha-a.jpg (16770 bytes)          onimusha-b.jpg (15400 bytes)


You want hack and slash? You got it. The only thing missing in Capcomís Resident Evil Codename: Veronica was action. Well not in Onimusha, your sword will be flinging bits of monster everywhere. When you kill a monster you collect their souls. Yes sir not only can you slice them to bits, but you can steal their soul afterwards too! There are some puzzles in the game, but nothing too brain taxing. Besides who wants to solve a puzzle when youíre a samurai with a nice shiny sword?





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Load this game into your PS2, and behold the eye candy. This intro is going to blow you away! I watched it three times before I even started playing. The 3D characters on pre-rendered backgrounds are the source of some complaint, but I think it lends to the story. Capcom has inserted various objects that can be manipulated into the scenes as well. These objects serve to interlace the 2D and 3D graphics, and do a great job of it. The only objection about this technique is some doorways were a bit difficult to spot. The player modeling is first-rate, and the fight animations are practically perfect.



The sounds on Onimusha are exactly what youíd expect them to be. "Groan, swoosh, splatter." Sigh, the sweet sound of a zombie getting whatís coming to him! The voice acting is another matter. Donít kid yourself, the voice acting is bad. How bad? Think Michael Jackson singing "BAD" with McCauley Culkin! Fortunately it doesnít detract from the game that much overall. The in-game music goes with the scene as Capcom has already shown they can do quite well in other survival horror games.

onimusha-c.jpg (17480 bytes)          onimusha-d.jpg (16551 bytes)

Right finger glued to the R1 button. Anyone who played RE:CV remembers that feeling. The controls are simple, block, attack, and run. Which is great since all the time I could have used to master controls, went towards slicing and dicing some monsters! The attack button lets you use the super-duper samurai sword.

Onimusha is one of the games that you just canít pass up for the PS2 this year. Even thought it hasnít redefined a genre or discovered a profound meaning to life, you still get to save the Princess and wave a shiny pointy stick around in the air. That makes it just plain fun.

- Slipperyone

(April 15, 2001)

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