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Q1 2005



- Excellent non-linear gameplay worth playing through a few times

- Beautiful visual effects

- Online play

- Good presentation

- Some pretty cool weapons



- No split screen multiplayer

- Single player is a bit short



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Project: Snowblind

Score: 8.4 / 10


It’s easy to see where Project Snowblind (PS) has its roots. From the gameplay side of things, PS plays similarly to Deus Ex, but ditches the RPG elements while making some nice little additions along the way.


project snowblind review          project snowblind review


PS consists of a single player and multiplayer component and takes place in the distant future in the Republic of China. China is caught in a civil war and warring factions are fighting for power. You play the role of a Peacekeeper name Nate who along with a number of other soldiers is sent to China to cool tensions. Unfortunately Nate becomes entangled in a plot by a rogue villain to build an EMP weapon that would cause global destruction. Obviously, your job is to stop this from happening.


PS mixes “lone wold” and team-based missions. For the team based missions you won’t be able to exercise commands over your soldiers, instead they follow scripted paths.  The team-based missions don’t play out too differently from the stand alone missions, since you’re only concerned about keeping yourself alive. Either way, PS includes some extremely intense firefights that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat.


PS environments are extremely well designed. They allow for the player to always choose multiple pathways to approach objectives. Some of the enemies in the game are placed in different spots each time you re-start from a checkpoint if you die. Not only that, but the environments are fairly interactive – a number of objects in the environment can be picked up and thrown or moved. And you’ll never get lost – an objective beacon can be cycled on or off during the game.





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One of the most appealing elements of PS is the shear open-ended gameplay. The game doesn’t force you to play a certain way. If you feel the need to play stealthy you can do that, or if you feel the need to go “guns ‘a’ blazing” you can do that too. But, there are some areas of the game where playing one way over another is beneficial. PS also contains a number of vehicular sequences, though limited in numbers they prove to be a nice change in pace from the on-foot action.  


And while on foot there are a plethora of unique weapons. One of the most useful weapons is called a ballistic shield. What this basically does is that your character becomes immune from enemy fire for a short period of time. Another interesting weapon is the Reflex Boost, which slows down time and increases your ability to react to enemies.


Aside from PS enjoyable single player, there is also a hefty multiplayer component. PS supports online play for up to sixteen players and contains a total of eight multiplayer modes. All of the multiplayer game types are standard modes that are seen in a lot of other first person shooters, but they all work well. PS online setup is extremely robust as there are some nice features such as the ability to fully customize online matches by limiting weapon load ousts and so forth. Clan support has also been implemented. Those without a network adapter are left in the dark as PS unfortunately contains no split screen multiplayer.


project snowblind review           project snowblind review


In terms of visual quality, PS features some attractive eye candy. The environments contain an incredible amount of detail and all the animations are top notch, particularly during some of the cinematics. To further enhance the visual quality of the game a lot of nice visual effects have been added, especially for some of the weapons, and the frame rate stays pretty constant.


Project: Snowblind is a well-done console first person shooter that may not set the world on fire but with solid action both in solo and multiplayer mode you could do a lot worse. If you’re a fan of Deus Ex or just a fan of first person shooters in general, then PS is definitely worth your attention.


- Siddharth Masand

(April 17, 2005)

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