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Q4 2000



- Absolutely beautiful game

- Love the voice acting

- Great for little kids



- Some very strange camera views



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Rayman 2: Revolution

Score: 9.2 / 10

Rayman 2: Revolution was one of the first games released for the PS2 (the first DVD-ROM game as well!) and with good reason; the release of every new system needs some killer apps. This is definitely one of them great visuals, amazing sounds, superior voice acting and generally spectacular game play. Rayman 2 (R2) brings it to the hole with authority. But it isn't for everyone; seasoned gamers will find the game "too cutesy" and might be repulsed by the clean approach taken. This game was intended for kids or those people who don't feel any particular need to drive a twenty-ton Mech in an intergalactic conflict. The story line is straightforward Robo-Pirates have invaded and they are slowly destroying your world while enslaving its inhabitants. The destruction of the center of the world has released 800 "lums" or concentrations of energy that you can directly siphon and use in battle. Your mission is to collect all of the lums and free your trapped friends so they can help you in your quest to stop the enemy. You have to love a game that touts enemies like Robo-Pirates, their leader Admiral Razorbeard, and most importantly Zombie Chickens.

rayman-2-1.jpg (11423 bytes)          rayman-2-2.jpg (7725 bytes)


R2 is another 3D adventure game with a variety of mediums of movement the obvious walking and running are combined with the ability to float (or fly) and swim in some downright amazing swimming sequences. Each action is handled well as the physical actions are downright lifelike (or as lifelike as a disembodied torso, two hands, two feet, and a head can be) with each step showing the bobbing action that one would expect from a human. The game looks very similar to the PC version that was released earlier (Tazman is thinking of Rayman 2: The Great Escape. -- Omni) and is able to keep up with the high texture rates that the modern 3D accelerated PC can crank out with only the increased load times as a detraction but this is no worse than the average adventure game on the PS2. To those unfamiliar with the PC version, you are in for a treat. The detail level is astounding! The world looks a tad on the blocky side but is truly gorgeous from the large trees to the rippling water. The sound is great too from the music and special effects to the voice acting, the aural aspects of the game are flawless and do that much to help enhance the action.





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The game play is stable and really fun like most well done games you easily lose track of time and forget that you're playing. To combat the disorientation that can easily happen in 3D games, included is the ability to target enemies so that you stay facing your enemy but are able to move completely around the target or back away from them while still being able to defend yourself. My only complaint with the game falls into the area of camera mechanics.  R2s "camera" view is rotational so you can move it around to take a 


different view of the action. Unfortunately this view shifts from time to time into set positions such as when you start climbing. This is annoying, especially whenever there are enemies on the screen as you will be a sitting duck for a few moments while you try to move the camera into a useful position (and you can't pause the game to do this either). Even more surprising is the strange camera restrictions at times - during some action sequences there are certain positions that the camera will not take and so you are restricted in what you can see from certain positions (not what Rayman can or cannot see just the gamer).

Rayman 2 is highly recommended for parents who are trying to find a game for their little ones and want to avoid unnecessary bloodshed.

- Tazman

(April 12, 2001)

"The Force is strong with this one."

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