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May 23, 2006



- Solid Single Player Game

- Engaging Storyline

- Budget Title

- Good Controls



- Mediocre Visuals

- Weak Multiplayer

- Slim Replay Value



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Rogue Trooper

Score: 7.5 / 10


Based on a 1980s British comic book series, Rogue Trooper tells the story of a war between Norts and Southers in the not too distant future. The Southers are creating super human soldiers and as they get ready to mount a massive assault against the Norts, the Southers are betrayed by their chain of command.


rogue trooper          rogue trooper


You play a survivor of the failed assault who goes by the name of Rogue Trooper. The Southers super soldiers each have a chip implanted within themselves, which contain a soldiers personality and soul. When one of your buddies is killed, your character can remove their chips and attach it to either his helmet, backpack or weapon. It may seem unusual at first, but this gives you the feeling of fighting as a squad throughout the whole game.  Your buddies (their chips) provide you with much help throughout the game by calling out incoming grenades and letting you know when you’re out of ammo and automatically reload your weapon for you


Rather than storing magazines of ammo with your character, all your weapons and medical packs must be purchased from an inventory menu that can be accessed at any time during the game. In order to collect points to purchase 




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weapons from the inventory menu youre required to pick up and salvage enemy weapons, which has an assigned value to it. As you progress further through the game you open up more weapons for purchase from the inventory menu. Not only can you buy new weapons, you can also upgrade your existing weapons and improve your characters abilities.



At any given time there is plenty of action going on. Most of the games missions see you going from point A to point B dropping any enemies that stand in your way. Each of levels gives you the option of taking cover behind walls, boxes and other objects.


The game also gives you some great options while you’re hiding. You can fire blindly from cover and even toss grenades blindly too. You can also peak around corners and pick off enemies. There are also some stealth elements to the game. You can slowly sneak up behind enemies and kill them. The game does a fairly good job of mixing up the action, even if it’s not particularly deep.


Aside from the on-foot segments, there are also some enjoyable rail segments. In one mission you take control of the guns of an aerial vehicle shooting enemy aircraft, while another exciting level sees you riding a train and taking out enemy ground and air forces. There are a wide variety of weapons available for use in the game. Some weapons are better suited for shooting down aircraft, while others are more useful for engaging enemy ground and air forces.


rogue trooper          rogue trooper


Rogue Troopers single player campaign is fairly short. The game takes approximately six or seven hours to complete on the normal difficulty but there are also a few multiplayer modes included. You can either play two player co-op offline or you can go online and play with up to three players. The only real problem with Rogue Trooper is that youll have a difficult time finding people online to play with. There are a total of five online maps, which are all based around co-operative play. One mode sees you and your allies defending a wounded comrade from hordes of enemy soldiers, while another mode has you fighting through a level from beginning to end in a set amount of time.


Rogue Troopers visuals are nothing to brag about.  The environments and characters look decent, while the cut-scenes look good too, but one of the best overall features of Rogue Trooper is the presentation; the game does a great job of achieving a cinematic feel. There are lots of well directed scenes and the voice acting is solid.


Overall, Rogue Trooper is a solid game, which features exciting gameplay along with an engaging storyline. While its a little on the short side, Rogue Trooper is definitely worth checking out.


- Siddharth Masand

(July 10, 2006)


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