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Playstation 2












M (Mature)



Q4 2004



- Many people on screen at once

- Somewhat cool cutscenes



- A little too straightforward

- Graphics are seriously outdated

- Somewhat inaccurate to Vietnam events

- Not very realistic



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ShellShock: Nam '67

Score: 5.0 / 10


A third person war-themed shooter set in Vietnam, ShellShock: Nam í67 doesnít offer much more than a mediocre shooting experience.  The first thing that grabbed my attention was the third person perspective. Third person just doesnít work for a game thatís supposed to bring a realistic feel to the war in Vietnam.


shellshock nam 67 review          shell shock nam 67 review


And for a game thatís supposed to be realistic, ShellShock is good at doing the opposite. The explosives from the grenades look bad, the terrible character animations are almost comical and why the hell can you recover your health over time? I canít help but feel like Iím being Marvelís character ďWolverine.Ē I knew he fought in WWII but who wouldíve thought he also enlisted in Vietnam? The storyline is also simple and is just plain out bad. In fact, thereís hardly anything to it and I find some things being terribly inaccurate as to what Iíve learned about Vietnam. There are a lot of really violent cut scenes but nothing particularly interesting.





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Gameplay for the most part is very straightforward. Itís mainly just shooting enemies that are running towards you or wandering around like idiots. Surprisingly, there are  many Viet Congs on screen at once which does help make the experience livelier. You have your AI buddies assisting you during missions and there are no worries of them dying unless itís in a cutscene. Missions last only about a half hour and the overall game experience seems short. Between levels 


you go back to the base camps and if you want, you can have pointless conversations with your fellow teammates and is eventually followed up by other pointless things like hiring a prostitute. (No, nothing is shown).


The graphics, although not terrible, arenít great. Character models are outdated and the level designs are a bit bland and repetitive, though to be fair they have some nice detail. I sometimes do find myself lost due to the repetitiveness of the scenery though.


shell shock nam 67 review          shell shock nam 67 review


Would I suggest buying ShellShock: Nam 67? The answer would have to be ďNo!Ē  Especially with way better third person shooters around like SOCOM II. Even if youíre the most hardcore fan of war games, I would definitely suggest a rent before buy.


- JíTonello

(November 14, 2004)

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