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October 10, 2006



- Double the amount of courses of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06
- Excellent use of sound effects, announcing and ESPN integration to bring an overwhelming sense of realism to the course
- Mini-games are perfect change of pace from the game’s simulation-style golf



- Courses still aren’t overly impressive visually (where’s Caddyshack’s assistant greenskeeper Carl when you need him?)
- Rivals Mode from Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 was much more interesting than the mode which replaced it in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, Team Tour Mode



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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

Score: 9.0 / 10


In the PGA this year, Tiger Woods has been absolutely dominating, winning event after event. He’s clearly proving to everybody around that there’s no question as to who the best golfer on the planet is while the rest of the PGA field vainly chases his tail. Electronic Arts’ Tiger Wood PGA Tour franchise also has proved to be a dominant force, without a doubt the best golf game around, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 on the Xbox and PS2 once again reinforces that.


tiger woods pga tour 07          tiger woods pga tour 07

Surprisingly, while most other EA Sports franchises in the 07 lineup haven’t done much new from last year, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 has an impressive list of newer offerings and gameplay enhancements. There are new courses and updated ones, too. New additions of courses from all over the globe include the Firestone Country Club in Ohio, Glen Abbey in Canada and St. Andrews in Scotland . EA Redwood Shores updated the Rivera Country Club, TPC at Sawgrass and the Alisa Course at Turnberry in Scotland, among others. Gameplay has been enhanced, with a better dual-analog swing mechanic and True Aiming that improves as your golfing does. Brand-new modes are highlighted by few new 2-on-2 modes and fresh mini-games. And online play had been upgraded with new arcade-style options. With upgrades and advancements throughout, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 has established a similar dominance as Tiger Woods himself.

I always have been impressed with the little environmental sound effects such as the birds chirping (and ducks quacking) in the background, as well as the roars and cheering from the golf gallery. The tandem of David Feherty and Gary McCord 




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announcing the golfing seem to have improved a bit from Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06, adding more flavorful commentary. Another newer introduction assists in raising the high-reaching level of realism in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07: the integration of ESPN into the game, including the ESPN Sports Ticker with live scores. It really entrenches Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 gamers into more realistic-seeming gameplay with television programming-quality presentation values.


Along with an incredible course selection, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 has a large roster of PGA stars (that usually are looking up in the standings at Tiger), including Vijay Singh, Justin Leonard, Reteif Goosen, Chris DiMarco, Jim Furyk, Justin Leonard and Mike Weir (and last but not least, LPGA superstar Annika Sorenstam, too). There’s even 31 fantasy golfers.

If you don’t like using any of those golfers, you can create your own with the improved Game Face, with a big selection of facial and body features, along with a vast selection of licensed clothing and equipment to choose from.

Once again, the gameplay in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is the game’s most stellar facet, as this is a seriously challenging level of golf gaming. More simulation-style than arcade-oriented (like in Links 2004, although a few of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07’s modes are definitely arcade-style), you need to practice your game on the courses to score below par and go for the green jackets (of which Mr. Woods already has an impressive collection).


tiger woods pga tour 07          tiger woods pga tour 07

As before, you’ll need to master different types of shots to get good, knowing when to hit the cover off the ball from the tee and when to use a flop or chip shot to get the ball closer to the hole. Another aspect of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 that you’ll need to learn and will eventually improve your game is the True Aiming, which brings a new level of realism to the gameplay. True Aiming assists you when deciding on angles of shots especially for putts, and the better you get using it, the better your aim improves, thus boosting your golfing prowess. And yet again, gamers will need to use both analog sticks in tandem to set up better and more accurate shots. If you don’t use all of the above-mentioned methods, expect to be stroking double and triple bogeys aplenty.

There are modes to suit any type of golf that you may want to play: from the simulation-style PGA Tour Season and Traditional Games modes to team-oriented modes such as Battle Golf, Greensome and Bloodsome, to the fantasy arcade-type Mini Game mode, although last year’s very interesting Rivals mode, where Tiger would go back in time and play in different eras against different legends of the game, has been replaced with a less-interesting Team Tour. In Team Tour, you must assemble a team of golfers to square off against Tiger Woods and his team of champions. Not an entirely disappointing mode, but still not better than Rivals.

While the courses are given a true-to-life look, visually the Xbox and PS2 suffer in comparison to their Xbox 360 counterpart, as anybody would expect. Although the courses in-game capture the aura of the real-life greens, they don’t seem to be as graphically “wowing” (where’s Caddyshack’s crazy assistant greenskeeper Carl when you need him? He could spruce up these courses!).

No matter how you tee it up, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is simply the best golfing game available today. Adding new modes and more courses will give owners of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 plenty of reason to buy the newest version of the franchise. The gameplay was already solid, but new enhancements such as the evolved dual-analog swing mechanic and True Aiming elevate this rendition of the Tiger Woods franchise to an unbeatable higher plane of golfing gaming.

- Lee Cieniawa

( November 16, 2006)


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