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Playstation 2












T (Teen)



October 21, 2003



- No learning curve

- Unbelievably fun

- GunCon 2 support

- Replayability



- Linearity

- Handicapped without GunCon 2 controller as the standard analog controller is too slow to react and less compelling



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Time Crisis 3

Score 9.0 / 10


I am not usually a fan of arcade shooters. They're too repetitive, dull and just boring overall. Tactical shooters seemed more engaging and fun. Why waste money on a light gun game when I can simply walk to the nearest arcade and find 50? This game surely can't be any different from all the light gun clones in the arcades. Simply put, I was wrong on so many levels.  


time-crisis-3-1.jpg (134255 bytes)          time-crisis-3-2.jpg (85844 bytes)


The story isn't that important in TC3 but there is an acceptable one provided. You are one of two agents working for the VSSE, Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert, sent to the island of Astigos to destroy some tactical missiles. Astigos was just recently taken over by the country Zagoria in an invasion. The UN has protested this move but are not willing to start a war. Intelligence has found out that the island was taken over so missiles, capable of striking the neighbouring nation Lukano, could be stationed there. You are also joined by one of the members of the Lukano Liberation Army, Alicia Winston, who is trying to save her brother, Daniel Winston. The three of you are the only thing that can stop the destruction of Astigos.





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Time Crisis 3 is a visual masterpiece. The masterful levels is what makes this game so great. You travel to many diverse locations within every single level and each one is rendered so beautifully. The cel-shaded, cartoonish look was very well utilized by TC3. The only minor problem with the graphics is that every enemy wears the same basic costume. Even this con has a positive, as the color of their uniform tells you what weapon they are carrying so you can easily figure out 


whom to eliminate first. The game makes use of some nice looking CGs to progress the story along. All of these elements combine to make TC3 the best looking light gun game on the PS2.


Sound in TC3 isn't as impressive as the graphics but it's good in its own right. Sound effects in the game include explosions, gunfire and various action related sounds. Voice acting isn't terrible but it isn't great either. There is very little voice acting in the game anyway so it doesn't hinder the game.  


time-crisis-3-3.jpg (100901 bytes)          time-crisis-3-4.jpg (129096 bytes)


The control in TC3 differs whether you're playing with the GunCon 2 or the standard analog controller. With the analog controller you can still have fun but the game will be much harder and less engaging. With this type of game, it simply doesn't do. With the GunCon 2 however, you will get the true TC3 experience. If you play with the GunCon 2, you will never willingly go back to analog. Still for players without the GunCon 2, the analog controller will suffice.


Gameplay is as great as the graphics in this game. No matter how many times you play this game, you will still have fun repeating the same levels. The dynamic element to the levels like shooting enemies while riding a vehicle is enjoyable. You get such a great feeling from shooting an enemy who just jumped on the hood of your jeep and watching him fall off and roll to a painful death. Sadistic maybe, but somehow still hilarious.


TC3 will do what many other light gun games cannot. Convert fans to the genre. I'm a living example. Namco has done one hell of a job in this sequel and has improved it in ways not done possible. Run to the store to buy this game, and while you're there, pick up a GunCon 2 controller. You will not be disappointed.


- Stefan Shetty

(December 1, 2003)

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