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Free Radical



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Q4 2002



- Freakin’ awesome multiplayer mode

- Challenge mode is really fun



- Really short single player game

- All the characters look like Cro-Magnon that were shaved



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TimeSplitters 2

Score: 8.0 / 10


If you take some of the game designers from N64’s GoldenEye and Perfect Dark and they go off to Free Radical to make FPS games for the Playstation 2, you’d think that you have money in the bank right? Well, TimeSplitters (which came out in the first wave of games for the PS2) was considered to be one of the better games available… well, at least for the multiplayer gamers out there. The general consensus was that TimeSplitters lacked direction with regards to the single player mode (and according to some, required massive debugging); well now that some time has passed, I looked forward to see what the sequel had to offer.  


timesplitters-2-ps2-1.jpg (35836 bytes)          timesplitters-2-ps2-2.jpg (32762 bytes)

For the uninitiated, the basic premise of TimeSplitters 2 (TS2) is for you to travel through different points in the past and future to recover time shards and complete a few goals while in that time. For example, in the first mission which takes place in Siberia (hmm… skulking around Siberia… gee, when have I done that before…) where you have to destroy all evidence of an alien landing: namely prevent the base from contacting the outside world as well as destroy some documents that could be incriminating.

The real adventure of the game comes from using weapons of the time that you’re visiting – the Wild West uses six shooters and rifles, while the Roaring 20’s stick to Tommy guns and revolvers. While the guns look authentic in each timeline, it just doesn’t seem as though antique firearms would have been as effective as newer ones.





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Anyways, enough with the bitching. To the action!

TS2 plays much like the Rareware classics on the N64 – the design of the heads-up-display to the types of weapons seems very much like old hat (and considering the pedigree, that’s a good thing).

The music blends nicely to each timeline. The Notre Dame level features lots of gothic organ music and the trends stay specific to each level with sound effects either mimicking the original sounds, or at least ones that we’ve been hearing in movies from those times.  



The controls take a moment to master – less time for those playing FPSs on the PS2 regularly.  

The graphics are average, the surroundings look all right, but for some reason the characters look like an artist’s rendering of a Cro-Magnon in different clothing. When the characters just don’t look right in a game that is so character driven, it really hurts the final product.


TS2 can be broken down into 3 separate modes: single player, challenge mode, and multiplayer. The single player mode isn’t as long as previous games, most gamers can finish it in one pass on the easy level. That’s not to say that they will have the same success at higher difficulty levels, the medium setting can be rather challenging at times, and the hard setting is freaking impossible for all but the genetically manipulated or the most immobile of couch potatoes.

The challenge mode is my favorite; you are given a specific objective ranging from throwing bricks through windows to surviving an ambush by an army of brain-starved zombies. Your reward for doing well is additional characters and weapons for the multiplayer mode.

The multiplayer mode is the show-stealer once again; an investment in a multi-tap and two more controllers is well spent for this game – the multiplayer mode is as addictive and fun as it was in GoldenEye and Perfect Dark. There’s nothing quite as fun as a group of friends huddled around a PS2 delivering beatings on each other, and this game is probably one of the best for that.  


timesplitters-2-ps2-3.jpg (36509 bytes)            timesplitters-2-ps2-4.jpg (36730 bytes)

All in all TimeSplitters 2 is a game that will satisfy multiplayer junkies’ needs but will leave single player fanatics wanting more.


- Tazman

(February 9, 2003)


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