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Atair, Melbourne House



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Q2 2004



- It’s a frickin’ Transformers game! What else do you want?

- No Bumblebee!

- Sickeningly fun game



- Would have preferred more selectable Autobots: Hound or Jazz maybe?

- Slow-motion cine-matics are a little much after the first few times

- Scenery interaction seems arbitrary at times



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Score: 8.5 / 10


Ever since fanboys developed an excessive and overbearing love of the Transformers, fanboys have craved a good Transformers game. Be happy my friends, that time has finally come!


transformers review          transformers review


Transformers is a third-person shooter where you control one of three Autobots on Earth in a search for Mini-cons while preventing the Decepticons from doing the same. The Decepticons have fielded a new “Decipticlone” army that is made up of disposable units which the Autobots are going to have to fight through to get to their Decepticon counterparts. Because of this, the main theme of the game is blowing stuff up. However, at the beginning of the game the Autobots come “stock” and need some upgrades before they will be able to destroy all of the enemies that you will face in the game. These upgrades come in the form of the Mini-cons. Each one provides a different upgrade, be it a better weapon, a secondary weapon, or a skill like cloaking, gliding, or progressive repairing. With 40 available Mini-cons and only 4 slots on each Autobot, some tactical decisions are going to have to be made prior to battle.


Gameplay is more varied than one would expect from a shooter. You can easily advance through the game’s levels without engaging every enemy or just picking off opponents from a distance. Actually the direct approach is rarely the best approach in this game (unless you have a compunction to see how fun it is to run over an enemy in vehicle mode… multiple times). The game was obviously designed to have numerous solution paths as you aren’t punished by playing the game differently than other people would.




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The development team were obviously big fans of the original television show, as the game has quite a few flourishes that are more akin to the TV shows than the comics. Effects like explosions (that send a group of enemies flying into the air and unceremoniously crashing into the ground) or your character being thrown (you will fall limply to the ground a lay there for a few seconds; cool the first few times, but absolutely frustrating around time 20) have a definite TV feel to them.



The game provides three playable Autobots: Optimus Prime (the mighty Prime, freakin’ cool and about as agile as a tanker), Red Alert (Ambulance SUV and the balanced Autobot), and Hot Shot (sports car with an attitude to match). Depending on the mission, different Autobots may be more useful than others. Optimus Prime may be the heavy hardware but he’s not great for areas that require precise movement, then you should take Hot Shot.


The mission areas are huge for this game. Each level not only houses hundreds of enemies but a ton of hidden goodies like Mini-cons and Data-cons (the Data-cons are “extras” like pictures of the original moulds for the Transformers, or the original Public Service Announcements which are hilarious now by the way). Each level is very well detailed with some pretty cool terrain to dive behind, the only complaint being the arbitrary interaction between some scenery (why some rocks blow apart and others don’t). The game difficulty is progressive. In early levels the enemy forces don’t do much more than charge blindly at you, but in later levels they start to show some frightening AI like diving for cover or coordinating attacks in a platoon to really cause trouble.


transformers review          transformer review


Sound effects and music are excellent – although the voice for Optimus Prime isn’t exactly the same, it’s such a good approximation that unless you’re being really anal, you won’t notice. The in-game CG sequences are absolute eye-candy: some really tight renders for all of the characters and they run like silk.


Other complaints? Uh… only 3 Autobots, and 2 of them I’d never heard of before playing this game – I need Hound or Jazz (the token African-American Autobot) or even Grimlock. Other wise, this game is ridiculous fun and has a ton of replay value.


- Tazman

(June 24, 2004)


“I never knew anyone that went crazy before, except my invisible friend Colonel Schvatz.”

      - Chris (The Family Guy)

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