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Playstation 2



Action / Strategy






Team 17



T (Teen)



Q1 2004



- Funny one-liners

- Multiplayer

- Strategic gameplay

- Multiple weapons

- Randomly generated maps



- Challenge mode is necessary but somewhat repetitive

- Music is sub par

- Cartoon like graphics

- Stiff animations

- Wind can be a detriment to some gamers



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Worms 3D

Score: 7.3 / 10


Those who are familiar with the Worms series will know that the game is about a bunch of cute 2D worms blowing the crap out of each other using weapons like Uzis, shotguns, and bazookas. This time around, Team 17 and Acclaim bring us Worms 3D. The big question is whether the new 3D transition works better than its 2D predecessors.


worms 3d review          worms 3d review


Worms 3D consists of a single player mode, multiplayer, and an all new challenge mode. Challenge mode consists of shooting targets within a certain amount of time to get different kinds of medals and to unlock secrets. As before, single player mode consists of randomly generated maps, but the multiplayer mode contains the real meat of the game.


Combat is fought out strategically using a turned based battle system. When itís your turn to attack, you have to think fast because there is a timer for every turn. Players will usually need to get to other spots on the map as quickly as possible, but sometimes there are obstacles in the way, such as falling off the platforms and drowning in the water. To help navigate through the area, players will find jumping around to be useful. However if a player wants to get to another platform on the map, they will have to rely on their neat gadgets such as the handy jetpack and the ever so cool ninja rope. These are also useful if you want to collect an item or a health pack that is out of reach.





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There are many cool weapons in Worms 3D such as the Uzis, shotgun, bazooka, and other great weapons such as the holy grenade, the sheep that blows up, and even the Shoryuken ĎDragon Punchí from Capcomís Street Fighter. To use weapons, you must find a spot on the map that you desire and then push a button to shoot. Whatís good about the shooting is that players can go into first person view for fast and easy targeting. Whatís really interesting is that players will have 


to pay attention to their wind current indicator. If they fail to do so, letís just say your bazooka shot can be really off and some unwanted damage can been done to your own team. The wind current is a neat idea and all, but sometimes itís really hard to judge where to shoot. There are also occasional camera problems which can be very annoying.


worms 3d review           worms 3d review


Graphic wise, Worms 3D will not blow you away. It looks just like a cartoon, which Iím pretty sure is the style that the developers were going for. There are some nice effects, though, from things like explosives. Even though the graphics in the game do have some faults, like the worms themselves seem a bit blocky and some rough animation, overall, it serves the game well.


The music in the game I found to be very unimpressive. I did however; find many of the different voiceovers to be entertaining. There are so many to choose from, and some of them include the Hippy, US wrestler, Viking, and my friend Kick Ass Big Alís favorite, the Confucius voice. Some of the other voices arenít funny and need work. Oh, and for you diehard fans of the original games, you wonít be disappointed because they included the Classic Worms voiceover.


Overall, is Worms 3D as good as its predecessors such as Worms, and Worms Armageddon? No, but that sure as hell doesnít mean that Worms 3D should be overlooked. Sure it does have some technical issues, but we canít expect all 3D transitions to turn out as good as Mario 64 did. If youíre with some friends and have nothing better to do, check out Worms 3D if you know whatís good for you.


- JíTonello

(May 17, 2004)

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