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April 27, 2010



- Great presentation enhancements when you win
- Still the best playing soccer game out there
- Sound is well done with a good running commentary



- Artificial intelligence still not perfect in your teammates
- Sometimes the presentation enhancements can be annoying
- Lack of customization is a bit puzzling



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2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

Score: 8.0 / 10


2010 fifa world cup south africa          2010 fifa world cup south africa


Is it just me or have the titles in video games gotten longer and more complex as time as gone on? This one certainly isn’t the worst offender, but I’m kind of missing the simplicity of “Pong” or “Asteroids” as the name of a game.

Regardless, while the world is in World Cup fever you knew that the teams over at Electronic Arts would have to step up and release a game based on the world’s most popular sport (the words we keep hearing over and over again, somehow




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trying to convince us over here in North America) and they’ve done a very good job.

There’s no question that if you liked FIFA 10 you are going to enjoy this one, because the game is built upon the same engine. It’s been refined slightly, but overall gameplay is going to be very familiar with that title if you are used to it.


It is nice that the game can really make you feel like you are pulling off some amazing feats without ever dropping into that “arcade like” sensation. This is accurate soccer or football or whatever you want to call it.

The presentation overall is very good, with the gameplay of FIFA 10 infused with the flair of the World Cup. The crowds look authentic and the views they give of the gameplay and the cheering is quite fitting for a game about this world celebration, but the constant flip backs to the opposing coach shaking his head get old after you’ve seen them a few times. Win the world cup however, and you’ll be treated to a celebration worthy of the title and something that other sports games could definitely take a nod from.

Of course, the artificial intelligence leaves a little to be desired at times. Sometimes, the other players take passes when you’d expect them to and behave appropriately. Occasionally, you’ll be left with a few WTF moments that seem all too typical in this sort of game. Let’s work on that folks, these things can get better.


2010 fifa world cup south africa           2010 fifa world cup south africa

For some, the Captain your Country mode will add extra value and interest. For others, the Story of Qualifying Mode will be where you get your extra value. Here, you are placed into real life scenarios (ie: France has given up two early goals against Romania. Can they overcome this and win?). You get points upon reaching certain objectives such as conceding no more goals and winning etc. It’s an interesting feature and definitely adds value to the game.

Another point to mention is the online tournament mode. This mode attempts (quite well) to recreate the conditions of the actual world cup and allows fans of nations that didn’t make the qualifying rounds a chance to re-write history even if it is just inside a bunch of EA servers.

You’ll play with all 199 national teams and authentically kick around 10 stadiums as you attempt to reach the fireworks and the other thing I found interesting about this game is the “Home & Away” tactics feature where teams will change their play tactics depending on whether they are home and away, something I don’t think has ever really been incorporated into a video game but we all know is out there in the real world.

Even if you’re a fan or owner of FIFA 10 there is something more here for you to enjoy and minor annoyances aside, this is a solid title that will keep you kicking into the wee hours of the morning. Now, where’s my vuvuzela?


- Syd Bolton

(July 16, 2010)


Syd Bolton surrounds himself in thousands of classic video games at the Personal Computer Museum (http://www.pcmuseum.ca) in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.


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