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November 2, 2010



- Faithful to the look and frenetic pace of the source material

- Button mashing can win the day

- Giant roster of fighters



- Button mashing can win the day, no matter how skilled you are

- Giant roster of fighters is merely window dressing



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Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2

Score: 6.5 / 10


dragon ball raging blast 2          dragon ball raging blast 2


Whether you're a fan of anime or not, I'm sure almost everyone has heard of Dragon Ball. It has had a very successful run over the years and has developed a huge fan base. It only makes sense that there are plenty of DB games and with the nature of the show (action) there should be no surprise that most of the DB games are fighting games. Some are more on the traditional side, some try to be more unique and that's where the Raging Blast series comes in.

Raging Blast 2 takes a different approach from the old Budokai games and Burst limit. The characters can move in all directions with destructible environments, transformations, and of course signature moves. There is also 90 characters to choose from.

However, like in previous DB games, too many characters fight nearly identical to each other (with the exception of signature attacks) which doesn't provide that




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much variety and is a bit underwhelming. You would think after all these years of DB games that they would try to take the extra step and put more effort into it, but sadly that's not the case. It's also kind of boring having to plough through so much, unlocking a lot of these characters and it becomes a chore.

I admit I haven't played much of the original Raging Blast, but I have


read that most of the stages are recycled from the first game which goes to show that Spike (the developers) didn't commit much effort into making a full fledged sequel to the original. There are a few new techniques such as the new Raging Soul System which boosts your stats as well as Pursuit attacks giving the player the ability to perform some combos (which is actually pretty cool), but there still isn't enough that makes Raging Blast 2 a game of its own and it feels like Namco Bandai used the DB name to sell copies which unfortunately, will probably end up working out for them.

The fighting is very repetitive and again, it does not help that a lot of fighters are nearly identical to each other, but even putting that side, the game just feels a bit shallow. The had some potential like certain moves require proper timing and it would be cool to memorize them, but too many players just stick to spamming the same moves over and over again. It gets irritating when you realize if you want to win then button mashing is the best way to go. The combat could use a lot of tweaking for players who would actually like to use some skill to defeat their opponents. One could argue that you can cheat in any fighting game which is true, but at least in other fighting games (such as the Soul Calibur series), experienced players can find a way to overcome button mashers. Spike should take some notes if they plan on making a Raging Blast 3.

If there is one thing that I would really have to compliment Spike for is that they really captured the feel and look of the anime. I'm not talking about the visuals (more on that later), but it's awesome having the freedom to be able to move anywhere and hitting other characters through destructible environments just like what you see in the show. I feel there is a lot of potential here, but when it comes to DB fighting games, I would have to recommend some older DB titles such as 2008's Burst Limit for Limit for the PS3 and 360 or Super Sonic Warriors 2 for the Nintendo DS instead.


dragon ball raging blast 2          dragon ball raging blast 2

There are your usual modes of gameplay such as a Galaxy Mode (Story mode) where each character has their own story (not that there is much of one) and special conditions per battle similar to Soul Calibur's Quest like mode. There's also Arcade, Versus modes (with a split screen), Tutorial, World Tournament Training, etc. Online Battle sounds like it could be fun, but that's the most frustrating mode when it comes to people spamming moves to try and guarantee their victory.

You can access the museum on the main menu which includes pretty basic stuff such as a character encyclopedia, BGM collection, Battle Replays and more. The most noticeable being Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans. I haven't been brushing up on my DB history, but apparently it was based on one of the mangas and there was an animation that was being created, but was unfortunately dropped in the process (at least for an American release). I guess Namco Bandai decided to contact the DB licensers and worked something out where the movie could be finished and it is exclusives available to Raging Blast 2. I can foresee some DB nuts buying this game for the short movie alone, a smart decision from the developers/publisher if you ask me.

The eye candy of this game will surely appeal to many DB fans and the poor camera or broken gameplay might not actually bother some of the die-hard fanboys or fangirls just because of that. The character models especially look fantastic and even little details like hair movement are very nice touches and done well. The music is pretty generic, but the voice overs are the same as they are in the anime (at least for most characters to my knowledge) so fans won't find much to complain about there.

Dragon Ball Raging Blast is for the die-hard fans and only for the die-hards. I use to be obsessed with DBZ when I was younger, but have moved on since and consider myself just a casual fan and that's not a good enough of a reason to buy this game.

- J'Tonello

(December 21, 2010)

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