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June 28, 2011



- 50 characters and 70 suits? Wow! Quite the content blitz



- You will get so sick of the 10 maps so fast…
- My poor thumbs… I can’t press the slash button anymore!



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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3

Score: 7.0 / 10


dynasty warriors gundam 3          dynasty warriors gundam 3


Dynasty Warriors games are a guilty pleasure of mine, and once the otaku in me gets a fix of the Gundam variety you pretty much end up with a must play. No one has accused the Dynasty Warrior franchise of overwhelming the player with story or an in-depth control system, and that caveat has not changed any in this iteration.

Continuing the successful system of blowing the crap out of thousands of enemy robots using a combination of beam sabers and energy weapons, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 delivers pretty much what you’d expect… the opportunity to leave more scrap strewn all over the place than a NASCAR pileup. Much like the previous 2




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iterations, the game brings forth the characters from the Gundam franchises under a unifying event. All pilots have appeared in an unknown planet – and as you’d expect you get the typical jockeying for position as alliances form between unfamiliar people, and hardened enemies put aside their differences for the common goal of investigating the signal that has drawn them all here to this place. As


with any typical Gundam universe, the amount of politicking and backstabbing amongst pilots is only overshadowed by the bickering amongst them.

Gameplay is about what one would expect from a Dynasty Warriors game – you enter a combat area and blow up all of your opponents. However, with some additions to the map such as Mobile Suit Labs and launchers, the map can change quite rapidly and you need to keep your eye on how the overall battle is progressing at all times. A typical mission will take you between 5 to 15 minutes to complete – depending on the difficulty and how the mission progresses. Co-operative multiplayer missions have been included once again – from my own personal experience, make sure that you attempt these both with a good suit on your side as well as your colleagues… there’s nothing worse than watching your backup get disintegrated moments into a mission.


dynasty warriors gundam 3          dynasty warriors gundam 3


Initially in story mode, you start off with access to only 3 pilots. As you meet up with others through these storylines, you unlock them as playable characters. Unlike the previous games, plans for each mobile suit can be earned either by directly defeating them or by piloting those suits in campaigns; the higher the difficulty or the opponent or the mission, the higher quality of the plan that you earn. It is completely possible to have plans for suits that you cannot pilot – so once you unlock them, you have an amazing upgrade available to use. Completing missions earns you experience for the pilot that you were using as well as money. Money is the lifeblood – it pays for modular upgrades for your suits, buys skills for each pilot, and if you lack the patience to grind – instant experience for a pilot.

With 50 selectable characters and up to 70 suits, it’s entirely possible to sink a large amount of time into this game – however with the limited number of maps to play on, and the frequency with which characters will repeat themselves (ad nauseum) you may not have the patience to grind all the way to 100% completion… and with over 50 hours put into the game myself, I was nowhere close to achieving this myself.

All in all, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 was an entertaining diversion for those hack and slash enthusiasts like myself, as long as you aren’t expecting anything more grandiose than that.

- Tazman

(September 12, 2011)


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