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November 1, 2011



- Deep replay value in the single player
- Open Ended Single Player
- Golden Gun Online Mode is a blast to play



- Sub-par single player
- Where are all the cool gadgets and bond cars?
- Small online community



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GoldenEye 007: Reloaded

Score: 6.5 / 10


goldeneye 007 reloaded          goldeneye 007 reloaded


The original Goldeneye was released back in 1997 for the Nintendo 64. Fourteen years ago the world was a different place: the world economy was great, boy/girl bands were big and nobody knew what an iPOD was. Even after fourteen years, Goldeneye resinates in the hearts of many gamers. Just the other day I was having a discussion with one of my friends regarding Goldeneye Reloaded (GR) and he and I were reminiscing about the all the late nights we spent playing split screen multiplayer on the original Goldeneye. In 2004, EA released a quasi-sequel to




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Goldeneye that fell completely flat and last year Activision released GR for the Wii which won critical acclaim. Activision has brought GR to the PS3, but will it make you forget about the original? Read On


GR single player campaign is based loosely on the original game, but has been updated to include a more modern storyline with Daniel Craig as


James Bond. The story revolves around a Russian madman whose trying to steal a special helicopter. Also thrown into the story are references to the current financial crisis around the world.


Like the original game, ramping up the difficulty in the single player unlocks more objectives. This is great for those looking to play through the single player multiple times and wanting a new experience. The single player is an open ended as you can choose whether to use stealth or shoot your way through each level. In addition to that, there are multiple pathways to approach objectives from. 


Open ended gameplay aside, the actual single player experience is quite sub-par. There arenít any cool James Bond gadgets or cars. Instead, you get a smartphone which basically does everything for you. When youíre not using your smart phone youíll be fighting enemies on foot, with the exception of one level that takes place in St.Petersburg where youíre riding in a tank.  Even though the single player experience is open ended and deep, it feels stale after playing Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. Compared to the these games, the firefights just felt stale and boring and the lackluster AI doesnít help.


In addition the story, there are side missions called MI6 Ops. The MI6 ops are bite sized pieces of the single player missions whereby you complete a single objective. As you complete objectives you are rated and rewarded with stars, which are used to unlock more missions. There are also a number of options you can tweak such enemy strength  on each map. The MI6 ops are decent but feel repetitive and not as fun as the the Spec Ops Mode in Call of Duty.


goldeneye 007 reloaded          goldeneye 007 reloaded


The multiplayer is by far the strongest suite of GR. There are over a dozen multiplayer modes, which can be played locally or online. The only problem is that the online community for GR is quite small. In fact, during my time online, I was only able to play three of the modes as no players could be found in the other ones The only modes that most people play online are death match, team death match and Golden Gun. Golden Gun is by far the best of the three. There is one golden gun in each map, which is a slow reloading one shot kill firearm. Any kills you get with the golden gun gives you a greater score than you would get with any other weapon.


The visuals are a step up from the Wii version, but they donít fare well in comparison to other first person shooters on the Playstation 3. The voice acting is done well and there are some classic lines taken directly out of the Goldeneye movie.


GR does little to rekindle your memory of the original Golden Eye. While there are some references to the original title, they arenít enough to make GR more than a mediocre title. With 2011 seeing so many high quality releases, itís hard to recommend GR as a title that should get your attention this holiday season. If you want a great single player experience get Uncharted 3. If you crave online play, look no further than Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3.


- Siddharth Masand

(December 13, 2011)


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