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June 3, 2008



- Amazing car detail

- Love the “flashback” feature

- Excellent damage effects

- Multiple racing styles



- No control tuning?

- Very few maps available



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Score: 8.5 / 10


Enter the world of competitive racing, not just open wheel racing or even street racing, but every variation of racing that you can imagine. You start off as an up and coming rookie and after showcasing your talents to different racing teams; as a fill-in driver, you will make enough cash to bankroll your own team. As you earn more money, you can earn faster cars and winning nets not just more cash. It also nets profile and sponsorships, which in turn leads to more money. Everyone with me? Good. As your team makes more money, you can afford to have teammates – which theoretically nets you more money (if they win – still waiting for that to happen). Anywho, you can enter your team in all sorts of competitions straight racing, challenge races (2-leg races against individual opponents), demolition derbies, drifting competitions, and all sorts of other four wheel action… not that kind of action, this isn’t GTA you know. Each of the three zones (North America, Europe, and Japan) tend to have their own brand of racing styles and as you gain reputation in that area, more events will become available to you.


grid          grid


Now that I’ve finally gotten my HD-LCD TV, I’ve been going through a renaissance on my beloved PS3 and Xbox 360 – and there definitely is more work being done on racing games than other genres. So my first “new” game in HD just turned out to be Grid. Right off that start, the game looks downright amazing – then in that first race, I guarantee that you are going to either send your vehicle into a wall or spin




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out on a hard turn. But once you do, you are going to be amazed again – your beautiful car will be messed up in tragic and horrific ways. Once that race is over, odds are that you’ll finish somewhere towards the back end of the pack (or like me, dead-freakin’-last).


As the initial awe wears away, you start looking for the tweaks to the controller sensitivity so you can avoid spending


the majority of the time rubbing the wall. But you will come up empty… it doesn’t exist. So instead of getting some sort of useful control setting, you are going to have to adapt your driving style to match the game instead of the other way around. It’s like learning to limp with a broken bone in your foot instead of getting it healed. That being said, I found that it took about 2-3 hours of consistent play before was able to keep my car on the road a majority of the time and start to make a decent run of it. As your skill gets stable enough to be a competitor, then it’s time to start playing with one of the best features in the game – flashback. Incorporating all the awesome advancement of the TV series “Quantum Leap” you can jump back in race time up to 15 seconds, so if you just made a big mistake, you can go back and rectify it before it happened. To prevent this from being abused, you only get a limited number of these per race – it’s no guarantee of victory, especially if it’s a tight pack race.


grid          grid


Graphics? Bloody awesome. The cars look amazing at the start of the race, and the damage that the cars sustain is pretty darn realistic, especially when you total one. It does limit you to only 720p, so those on higher resolution TVs you might be a tad peeved. Sound? Really good. Besides the racing and crowd sound, the game has a constant updating done by the crew chief who refers to you by the name you choose. (I chose my first name Michael, and it sounds like KITT is talking to me the entire race, “I’m believe we’re in first place, Michael. We should go hit on those cute cars over there after the race is done.”


The only real negatives besides the control adjustment issue was the number of available maps. It’s like each continent has like 4 tracks. Not exactly any way to get lost on these courses, it has a crippling been-there-done-that mojo after a few hours. I’m at about the 40 hour mark, and I was finding it tedious at the 10 hour mark. All in all, Grid is a lot like candy, delicious in small doses, but too much could leave you feeling sick.


- Tazman

(July 30, 2008)


“Oh, why did women invent sleeping on the couch?”

    –   Homer (Simpsons)


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