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Playstation 3









Sucker Punch



T (Teen)



May 26, 2009



- Choose your own story

- Massive City

- Level of interactivity is amazing

- Dark story

- 20+ hours of gameplay



- Minor graphical hiccups

- Exploring the city can be frustrating at times



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Score: 9.0 / 10


inFamous is a much darker and more mature title than the Sly Cooper series that developer Sucker Punch is known for. You assume the role of Empire City messenger Cole, who happens to be carrying a package that suddenly explodes and wipes out a good portion of the city.


infamous          infamous


Once Cole wakes from his coma, Empire City has been quarantined by the Federal Government and has fallen into complete chaos with different gangs and factions fighting for control. Not only that, Cole wakes up to find he now has electrical powers. The path that Cole embarks on to discover what has happened, which is somewhat shaped by the player’s choices. This is where inFamous really shines.




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inFamous gives players the freedom to choose what type of protagonist they wish to be. There are a number of karma moments in the game where Cole will have to make a polarized choice between doing something for the common good or serving his own self-interest which will be reflected by the way the populace responds to you.


Empire City itself is quite large. High-rise


buildings are everywhere and they not only serve as eye candy, but also play a critical role in the game. One of the best features of the game is the interactivity of all the objects in the environment. You can literally climb every single building in the game, which serves an important purpose when traveling from Point A to B or getting a better position on an enemy. Empire City is quite densely populated and you’ll frequently see cars and trains traveling around the city as well. The game is quite massive and tries to vary up some of the missions by also featuring underground levels where you’ll wander through the City’s sewer system in both story and side missions.


As the game progresses Cole discovers new superpowers. This adds an RPG like feel to the game. A few examples of this include the ability to glide when you move from building to building or the ability to throw sticky grenades at civilians or enemies. The health system is handled quite well. Rather than picking up health boxes, you can simply restore your superpowers and health by recharging off of any objects in the environment, which carry electricity.


infamous          infamous


Visually, inFamous is a good-looking game. There are some minor graphical glitches, slow down and awkward animations, but this is understandable for a game of such magnitude and scale. The audio for the game is quite impressive. All the voices are done well and you feel connected to a lot of the game’s characters you meet as your hear their pleas for help and their stories of horror and death. There are some occasional moments of light laughter to break up the drama.


One of my gripes, which I also had with Far Cry 2, is that sometimes even outside of the story missions, simply exploring the city can be frustrating as hordes of enemies chase after you. Another complaint is that because there is so much interactivity with objects through the environment, sometimes locking onto specific points on a building can be a little frustrating.


inFamous is a type of game that doesn’t come around often enough and is easily one of this year’s strongest titles.


- Siddharth Masand

(August 5, 2009)


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