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October 2009



- Solid gameplay

- Great game modes

- Detailed visuals



- Crowd doesn’t look very lively

- Weak presentation

- Some frustrating moments on defense



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NBA Live 10

Score: 8.0 / 10


nba live 10          nba live 10


For the past several seasons, the NBA Live series seems to have not found its footing on this generation of consoles. This year appears to be different as NBA Live 10 appears to be a big step in the right direction.


One of the most authentic and interesting modes in NBA Live 10 is the Dynamic DNA. If you are a stickler for authenticity, then the Dynamic DNA will surely appeal to you. Dynamic DNA allows you to incorporate the real events of the actual NBA Season into your game. The Dynamic DNA includes injuries, trades, hot and cold streaks and line-up changes as they happen in the real NBA season.


The Adidas Live Run is a new mode which allows you to have up to 10 players go head to head online in a five on five game. The game lets you form a team and play other teams online. The Adidas Live Run is setup similarly to clan systems commonly seen in first person shooters. Much like any clan or team you are a part




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of, you really have to have good communication between your teammates to get the most out of this mode. The mode is a great addition and it will be interesting to see how it is expanded in the future.


If you are tired of playing basketball with just NBA teams, NBA Live 10 also has a mode called the FIBA World Championship that lets you take your game internationally and take control of one of the


many national teams. The game does not play significantly different from when you playing using NBA teams, but this mode is a nice addition.


Playing offense is made easy with the ability to call on the fly plays by using the d-pad. The game also utilizes the right analog stick allowing you to blow past the defenders with a series of moves. Not only that but single button presses allow you to carry out alley oops and pick and roll plays, both of which work well for the most part.


Playing defense can be frustrating at times. I found myself a lot of the time going up for a block and appearing to come in contact with the ball, but the AI was able to not only get the shot off, but score a bucket a majority of the time. Other times I would get called for a foul, when it was obvious I only made contact with the ball.


nba live 10           nba live 10


The games visuals are solid. The players look like their real life counter parts and you’ll frequently see sweat glistening off of the players bodies, even it is done a tad bit overboard. You’ll even see details such as the players tattoos on their arms. The crowd on the other hand looks quite bad. Even during free throws you won’t see the crowd trying to distract the player taking the free throw like you would see on a game broadcasted on TV. On the other hand the crowd noises are done quite good. The crowd will cheer at key moments in a game such as a big dunk. If you are playing an exhibition game, you can even set the crowd noise level to mimic either a season or playoff game, which is a nice touch.


The game does try to look like a live TV broadcast with segments like the “Dunk of the Night” which is mentioned as being brought to you by Sprite. These kinds of things give the game an authentic and great feel, but the game falls short in other aspects of the presentation. The commentating is mediocre at best and does not have much depth. You’ll sporadically hear the commentators discuss certain players in detail, but it does not happen as often as you’d like. The game has also taken a different approach to dealing with instant replays. Rather than showing an instant replay after an impressive play, the game instead shows the top plays of the game at the end of each quarter. I personally would have liked to have seen replays after an impressive basket and at the end of the quarter.


NBA Live returns to the court with a solid outing this year. The series has shown a lot of promise this year, but has also fallen a little short in some areas. If you’ve been disappointed with the Live series in the past, then this years game may restore you confidence in the series.


- Siddharth Masand

(December 15, 2009)


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