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Triumph Studios



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June 24, 2008



- Some welcome refinements of the 360 version, including an on-screen mini-map

- Extra area to explore



- Later on, there can be so many minions running around you it doesn't feel like you're in control

- Overlord himself still feels a little under-powered



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Overlord: Raising Hell

Score: 8.0 / 10


After reviewing the Xbox 360 version of Overlord almost a year ago I hadn't gone back to play it though I often thought about starting it up again.  I finally had a really valid excuse to go back and play it with the release of the Playstation 3 version of Overlord, subtitled Raising Hell, which has undergone some refinements that actually "fixes" some problems and adds a little more content.


overlord raising hell          overlord raising hell

The overall directive of the game hasn't changed and as I stated in my original review, "the line between victory and defeat is drawn by a gurgling rabble of




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Gremlin-sized minions that are both the most important weapons and tools in the game and a resource that must be properly managed.  In short, Overlord straddles three different genres - strategy, action, role-playing - which should have meant a flat game that didn't get anything right, but Triumph Studios weaves the genres together in such a way as to make a compelling and fun game, with a silly sensibility."



One of the improvements is the inclusion of a very welcome mini-map to minimize those sometimes long and aimless walks of the 360 version.  There's also a completely new area to explore, which relates to the subtitle of the game, that is essentially a series of interesting puzzle challenges.  This pads out an already full game, but it's great to have something else to do after the main game is over. And it may just be a faulty memory but I swear the pathfinding of the minions is better this time around; either that, or I just knew what to expect and was subconsciously compensating for it.


overlord raising hell          overlord raising hell

If you missed Overlord the first around or the Playstation 3 is your console of choice, there's no excuse not to have some fun with Overlord: Raising Hell.  It's not perfect - I'd still like to be able to cause more mayhem with just the Overlord - but it still gets high marks for being equal parts deep and frantic at the same time and for polishing an already great game.

- Omni

(July 28, 2008)

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