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October 26, 2010



‑ Retains all the awesome aura of the PC version while implementing some console-specific features

‑ Ease of use for exchanging created items or downloading others online makes the availability of new items for gameplay basically infinite




‑ As in almost all previous console versions, the control schematic designed for a PC mouse and keyboard doesn’t always behave well using the PS3 controller



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The Sims 3

Score: 9.0 / 10


the sims 3          the sims 3


Famed PC game creator extraordinaire Will Wright single-handedly created an entirely new gaming genre – the “life simulation” when he first introduced his The Sims, his SimCity-inspired spin-off, back in 2000. Wright has refined his Sims games throughout the years since, and with his latest, The Sims 3, Wright has nearly perfected the life simulation, where gamers control the entire universe of human-like Sims and their everyday existence in the ultimate “God” game.

Once more, the Sims have found their way from the PC to the latest batch of home consoles, including the PS3. Most of the game performs and functions as its PC inspiration. But there are a few console-specific features in The Sims 3 that differentiate it from its PC counterpart. The first are Karma Powers. Gathering




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Karma Power points is done a few ways. The easiest is just completing a day during your Sims 3 gameplay. At the stroke of midnight each night, Karma Power points are awarded.

What do these Karma Powers do? Well, they spice up the typical gameplay in some rather funny and unique ways, by being a karma chameleon – gamers can choose from either naughty or nice Karma


Powers. Some of the “nice” ones include meeting a basic Sims need (such as going to the potty) or even bringing a beloved dead Sim back to life. Then there are the “bad” Karma Powers. If gamers are in a devilish or feisty mood, they do something can initiate an earthquake. One of the funniest “bad” Karma Powers is calling upon frightening poltergeists to haunt a Sims household. Scared Sims will be unable to control their terrified-out-of-their-Sims-wits bowels as they flee the intruding ghosts.

Then there are challenges – like learning a new skill such as cooking that accumulate points that can be redeemed for items and Karma Powers. And there is also the Integrated Exchange, a console version of the feature that allows gamers to both download content from other Sims 3 gamers and also let others download their created content, giving gamers a infinite supply of new items/Sims to use.


the sims 3          the sims 3

As in previous Sims console forays, the PC controls of the mouse and keyboard that work so well don’t entirely smoothly transition to a console controller. The PS3 controller can wildly swing the camera around, thus making it a bit difficult at times to easily follow the Sims’ movement around the screen. It’s not too unwieldy, but those already accustomed to the PC version might notice the less-precise console controls.

Despite some schizophrenic and disagreeable at times controls, with a few new console-centric additions to the already excellent life simulation gameplay, The Sims 3 does a great job of retaining the awesome aura of the PC game while appealing to the console gaming crowd. It does that with some PS3 trophy achievement and gameplay refinements, particularly the Karma Powers that are both naughty and nice diversions from the mundane, everyday Sims lifestyle activities (cleaning, cooking, sleeping, etc.) for the Sims 3 gamer.

- Lee Cieniawa

(December 14, 2010)


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