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- Lots of characters
- Great gameplay
- Fight other players online



- Load times could've been better
- Scenario mode is boring



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Tekken 6

Score: 8.5 / 10


tekken 6          tekken 6


Doing a sample review for Tekken 4 is how I started working for The Armchair Empire. Tekken will always hold a special place in my love for gaming so naturally I get excited when a new Tekken is released. Tekken 6 is the very first Tekken for the PS3 (also available for the Xbox 360) and introduces new modes including an online mode.

The biggest addition to Tekken 6 is, unfortunately, the Scenario Campaign. In this mode you select a character (default is Lars since the story revolves around him) and it's similar to Tekken Force mode, but a little better. Now you can break boxes and pick up items such as mini guns. You can lock onto enemies, etc, but character move sets are the exact same as if you were playing a normal Tekken match. Unfortunately, the Scenario Campaign gets boring pretty fast and the only reason




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you will keep playing is to unlock characters for the normal story mode (more on that later) and for customization equipment. You're allowed to change characters during the scenario mode, but it doesn't really make much sense unless you are being Lars since the whole point of the story is focused around Lars and Alisa. The story is nice, but I feel it could have been presented better.


As an addition within the Scenario Mode, there's a fight type coliseum where individual character stories take place while using a traditional and familiar fighting game system. Unfortunately, there are only about 4 bouts per character and I'll admit the cutscenes and endings are very lackluster compared to Tekken 5's. This time Namco put the majority of story efforts into the cutscenes from the main Scenario. I've been reading that there were problems with fighting other players online. Luckily, there was a patch and things are a lot smoother now. I rarely get any lag and it doesn't take long to connect to another player.

The controls and motions to the game looks and feels smooth. It's the same Tekken that we know and love, but something just really clicks for me this time around. Button mashers always complain about how slow and feeble the moves look, while people who actually know or are willing to learn how to play a good 3D fighter will pull off some pretty badass combos. Furthermore, Namco included two interesting mechanics to the gameplay. There is now a way to juggle opponents off the ground which opens up a whole new experience to master for Tekken veterans. In addition, there is a new rage ability (that triggers when a character is nearly defeated) that boosts attack strength. For some reason, Tekken 6 seems a lot more fluid to me than Tekken 4 and 5 did and the pacing is nice and fast. Characters are well balanced and it's just a lot of fun to play. Well, there is one character that's cheap as hell, but luckily you're not allowed to be him. Play the arcade mode and you will see what I am talking about. If you start to find yourself getting bored of the game, I highly suggest fighting another player online. There is the option for a ranking match or a player match. Unfortunately, some players love spamming with cheap combos over and over because they just want to raise their ranking, but a player match is a lot more fun and a lot of times when I get my ass handed to me, it's fair and based purely on skill. One guy beat me 3 rounds in a row getting perfect in each round while using new combos every time. I was so shocked at is skill that I actually dropped the controller. Here I thought I was great at Tekken. No need to fear however, since there is a ghost mode that can track down and record ways that other players fight. This will help you learn instead of just fighting AI opponents or your friends all the time. I did a little research and found out that a lot of players have had problems with lag while playing online. I've never had a problem with lag so I'm going to assume that a patch was released and fixed up all the online trouble.


tekken 6          tekken 6

Customization has taken a huge leap in Tekken 6 compared to it's latest predecessor. While playing the game, players will earn fight money which can be used to buy parts to customize a character. There are plenty of different hair styles, shirts, jackets, shoes, etc to pick from and you can manage to make a character almost unrecognizable from their default looks.

Eight new characters join the crew of an already large cast. There are 42 playable characters in total. The ones that stand out to me the most are Bob and Zafina. This isn't to say that the other new characters aren't unique compared to the other characters (because they are), but Bob is a incredibly fast and overweight character and Zafina kind of reminds me of an empty-handed Voldo from Soul Calibur.   

The Tekken series has always been known for great visuals, but I would be lying if I said I didn't admit that I am a bit underwhelmed this time around. The characters do look nice, but are far from the best I've seen on the PS3. The environments are very impressive and some stages have a lot going on in the background, but it would have been nice if water would actually soak a character's clothing like in Uncharted for example. Some environments are a bit more interactive now; like the Hidden Retreat allows you to hit sheep that get in your way (they fly around like ragdolls) and some stages even have destructible floors which will lead you into another part of a stage. The music really complements the stages and breathes a lot of life into it; something I was disappointed with in Street Fighter IV.

Tekken 6 may not be completely what I was hoping for, but it is a very solid entry to the series. Being able to fight others online is reason enough for any Tekken fan to make the purchase and newcomers will be treated by being introduced to a great game.


- J'Tonello

(February 5, 2010)


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