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June 8, 2009



- Looks and sounds great

- A continual stream of new challenges

- Putting is a rewarding experience if you put in the effort to really lining up a shot

- Great character creation



- The commentary is grating



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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

Score: 8.5 / 10


tiger woods 10          tiger woods 10


Plus, I learned things.  First, even Tiger Woods has a coach and he, Hank Haney, shows up here to provide some introduction to the basics and get you started with your customized golfer. (With the PSEye, you can map your face – or other body parts as a substitute for your face – to your character.)


From starting the game for the first time to teeing off your first shot is very quick, but mastering the controls and intuitively knowing what adjustments to make to




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your shots and where the ball lies, takes much, much longer.  The putting mechanics, in particular, make shots on the green turn into an exercise in careful planning that lasted upwards of five minutes for me, depending on where I was hitting the ball from.  I doesn’t help matters if you’re online since weather is updated in real-time.


I managed to advance in the tournaments with


some very competitive scores but I found it much more relaxing – the sound design brings this game outside like few other games – to just hit the ball and watch it fly down the fairway with little regard for score.  The “Play the Pros” mode adds a challenge for any serious golfer.  As PGA Tour events are played, scores are posted on the leaderboard to be challenged. None of mine were ever close, but I still had a great time just smacking the ball, playing as seriously or as playfully as my mood dictated.


tiger woods pga tour 10          tiger woods 10


If that kind of thing isn’t enough for the hardcore crowd, EA has included a “Tournament Challenge Mode” which drops you into climactic moments of PGA history.  Or in my, case complete and utter indifferent moments in PGA history.  My father-in-law went a little ga-ga over this particular feature, but he’s golf nut.


I liked – and continue to enjoy – Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.  The basics are covered early on; there are more than two dozen courses to play on and a continual stream of new challenges to tackle.  Even for a non-golf person, I’ll keep this in my rotation for those times I just want to unwind.


- D.D. Nunavut

(July 30, 2009)


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