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Playstation 3



Action / Arcade






Juice Games, Inc. / THQ



M (Mature)



July 13, 2011



- Character upgrades
- Character classes
- Co-op action



- Repetitive gameplay
- Checkpoints spread too far apart
- Canít skip cut scenes
- Short campaign



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Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team

Score: 6.0 / 10


warhammer 40k kill team          warhammer 40k kill team


Warhammer 40,000: Kill team is a third person shooter whose release was used to promote THQs other Warhammer title, Space Marine. Kill Team actually has a weapon unlock that can be used in Space Marine. Released through the PSN, Kill Team is offered for only $10.00, but is it worth your money?

Long story short, the story of the game sees the human race in danger of extinction from the Orks and as part of the space marines, itís your job to defend your people.




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Kill Team is a third person shooter played mostly from a top down/side view. The main premise of the game is to take on hordes and hordes of enemies attacking you from each direction while completing a given objective that usually involves blowing something up. Not to worry though, your characters are well equipped with guns, swords, grenades and


power ups.

Kill Team contains four different character classes you can choose from. Each of the classes plays differently, with each featuring their own special unique move and weapons. Half of the classes are more suited for melee combat, while the other two are more suited for long range combat. In addition the class system, you can upgrade your characters weapons and abilities as you progress through the game.

The gameís story spans several levels, all of which can be completed in a matter of hours if patience is one of your strong points. Each of Kill Teamís levels contain checkpoints, but the checkpoint system is substandard at best. The problem lies in the fact that the checkpoints are spread too thin. On top of that, each time you die, you have to re-watch the same cut scene time and time again. Also, your checkpoints donít save if you quit a level; meaning whenever your replay a level, you have to start from beginning of the mission, rather than continuing at a particular checkpoint. The gameplay itself does seem to grow old rather quickly too. The game revolves around one premise, go to a designated point on the map, destroy a certain generator/reactor while killing waves and waves of enemies. Rinse and repeat and Kill Team doesnít stray far from this premise.


warhammer 40k kill team          warhammer 40k kill team


One saving grace is that Kill Team does support Coop play in the main story and Survival Mode. Survival Mode sees you by yourself or with another player fight waves and waves of enemies with the sole purpose of seeing how long you can hold out for. Kill Team is a game you will want to play with another person as the coop does have the added advantage of allowing you to be revived if you die.

Since the game takes place on an Ork ship, the environments all look very similar and not well varied. The game runs smoothly given all the frantic action taking place on the screen. Sometimes when you do kill an enemy, the camera will zoom in and do a slow motion death, which is a pretty cool effect.

Kill Teamís campaign is quite short and can be frustrating at times. Once your done the campaign, there are collectables to be found in each of the gameís levels, but those alone arenít reason enough to play through the game again. Even though Kill Team is only $10.00, the game suffers from too many problems and your money is best spent elsewhere.

- Siddharth Masand

(September 21, 2011)


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