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Q3 2006



- Tilting style of game play is a lot of fun and addicting
- Music is very catchy
- Art style is visually pleasing



- Game is either extremely easy or extraordinarily difficult
- It is on the short side



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Score: 7.5 / 10


loco-roco-1.jpg (22288 bytes)   loco-roco-2.jpg (17862 bytes)   loco-roco-3.jpg (18827 bytes)


In this day and age, original concepts in videogames are very few in number and hard to find. The most recent, original, successful concept was a little game we like to call Katamari Damacy. Since then, there have been two sequels to the game but the creator has said there will be no more. So, without Katamari to fill the void of original concepts, gamers have been searching for a new game to fill that void. Today, we will look at a game that feels surprisingly similar to the cult classic, called LocoRoco for the PSP. Published by SCEA, LocoRoco released this past September, and it has quickly become a must-have for PSP owners.


The game starts off on a planet far away from any planet we know. However, this planet is much different than any we know of: this planet talks! Living on this planet are little animals called LocoRoco, who live in harmony with the world by tending to the plants and making the time spent there pleasant with their singing and playing. However, one day the planet is invaded by enemies known as the Moja Corps. The Moja begin eating the poor LocoRoco, who are such a 




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peaceful race that they do not know how to fight back. The planet, however, has a trick left up its sleeve, its ability to tilt itself so that the LocoRoco can avoid the attacks. Your job is to take control of the planet and help it save as many LocoRoco as possible and defeat the Moja Corps. Are you up for the challenge?


One of the truly great things about LocoRoco is how unique the gaming experience is. The tilting style game play offers a different approach to gaming that hasn’t been seen in many other games. The quirkiness of the game also entices gamers in a way that has only been done by Katamari Damacy before it. LocoRoco also benefits from some very catchy tunes that makes listening a splendid experience. The graphics, while simple, are unique and beautiful, and the variety of colors easily catches the eye. They also add downloads on their website, such as a holiday pack for Christmas available December 11. By finding hidden items, you will be rewarded with pieces of a house that you get to create in Loco House mode. While this game is very solid, however, there are still things that might stay the hand from picking up this game.


loco-roco-4.jpg (22686 bytes)   loco-roco-5.jpg (30181 bytes)   loco-roco-6.jpg (20892 bytes)


LocoRoco can be either extremely easy or extraordinarily difficult, depending on how you play. It's quite simple if you just want to beat the levels as fast as possible, but mind numbingly hard if you are going for 100% completion. This normally wouldn’t be so bad but the game always makes it seem like all it wants you to do is finish and not find everything. If you choose to look for hidden items, they are completely hidden; you really need to use your head if you are going to find them, and expect to be going through each level more than once. Also, the game does not really end up being very long. You can usually beating it between 5 and 7 hours at most, it will usually take less than that just running through every level, it will be longer if you are trying for everything.


Overall, LocoRoco is the game the PSP has been waiting for. Its quirky gameplay and lovable soundtrack will entice almost anyone to pick it up and try it out. It can be very difficult when it comes to playing for perfection, but the challenge is not always a deterrent, it can be seen as an opportunity to see if one can do it. If you or your child has a PSP, this is a game you should have or consider getting them for Christmas. If this is a sign of things to come, we may start seeing some very good things for the future of the PSP.


Marc Phillips

(December 19, 2006)

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