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Q4 2007



- Great presentation

- Polished online play

- Great audio



- Very short single player campaign mode

- No voice support

- Weak artificial intelligence at times



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Medal of Honor: Heroes 2

Score: 7.5 / 10


The PSP isnít really known for its first-person shooters. This is probably because of the lack of a second analog stick on the system and the inconsistency in which developers implement controls. The good news is that the first Medal of Honor on the PSP tended to break the mold and was considered by many as the top FPS on the system. This new version manages to hang onto the crown and although itís not vastly superior to its predecessor, itís moving in the right direction.


medal of honor heroes 2          medal of honor heroes 2


The analog stick is used to move you around, and the face buttons control the camera. The shoulder buttons control weapons and the d-pad lets you cycle 




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through weapons and items. Although the control scheme does work fairly well, I have become used to titles that use the shoulder buttons to control the camera. At times, I ended up firing my weapon when all I meant to do was look around. I actually tried the online multiplayer on this game before even the single campaign and because of my lack of control (for a better word) I 


ended up shooting my teammates more than once. Sorry about that, whoever you are.


Once I settled into the controls however I found the game to be quite solid. The single player campaign is short ó really short. Comprised of seven missions, it wonít take you more than five hours to plow through the content. If you are buying this game without the intent of taking it online then youíll need to know this before making that decision. The value of the game does shine through with the online mode, allowing up to 32 players to play at once which is quite impressive for the PSP.


The lobby environment is mature and makes you feel like you are playing on a full size console. Youíll go through slightly modified versions of the single player campaign maps as you engage in death match, team death match, and infiltration modes. The lag was minimal to none at all which I really appreciated in this pocket-sized war battle.


The single-player campaign story is inconsequential and Iím left wondering if the incredible number of World War II shooters has managed to actually rewrite history yet. Itís no matter however as you blast your way through to your destination. Itís a little frustrating that you canít save midlevel and these missions are longer than the previous offering. Youíll also scratch your head while your A.I. teammates donít react at times and the enemy often just runs past you or shoots the wall instead of you. Sometimes, bad A.I. can work to your advantage.


medal of honor heroes 2          medal of honor heroes 2


The pacing of the levels is fast and exciting. This definitely isnít the kind of shooter that allows you (or encourages you) to think before you act. The experience is enhanced by the great audio that will immerse you in the environment.  The graphics are decent and approach console quality and the load times are minimal, something other PSP titles should attempt to achieve.


Medal of Honor 2: Heroes doesnít really bring anything new to the table. However, like any good sequel it keeps what worked in the original and improves on much of what was wrong. Itís still short and the artificial intelligence is just plain dumb at times but the game is well presented and will make you feel like youíre part of the action.


- Syd Bolton

(March 31, 2008)


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