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Namco Bandai



Namco Bandai



T (Teen)



September 1, 2009



- It's Soul Calibur on the go!
- Huge character roster and Kratos
- Great visuals, gameplay, sound



- No Arcade mode
- There's no online play
- Gauntlet mode is boring and long



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Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny

Score: 8.0 / 10


soul calibur broken destiny          soul calibur broken destiny


It was 10 years ago when I first played Soul Calibur on the Sega Dreamcast and it definitely set the bar for 3D fighting games. Not only was I impressed with the awesome moves, graphics, sound and characters, but the game also had these incredible throws with very smooth animations and it was great fun when you could use them to ring out opponents. I never imagined that I would be taking a Soul




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Calibur game with me on the go within only 10 years. Namco delivers with Soul Calibur Broken Destiny on the PSP.

Soul Calibur veterans will have no trouble jumping right into the game. The button layout is the same as it is on the PS2 and PS3. Square is for horizontal slash, triangle for vertical, x for block and circle for kick. If you manage to get a chance for a critical finish, simple push the right button.


I feel I have to mention that it was a very weird decision on Namco's part not to include an Arcade mode. A fighting game just does not feel like a fighting game without the standard of playing through a certain number of stages, finishing the game off with a boss battle and an ending for each character. Instead we have Quick match where players are taken to a lobby with a large selection of different AI players to challenge. Each AI character has custom names and records their wins and losses. Stating the obvious, characters with more wins than losses will prove to be a greater challenge.

Gauntlet mode is perhaps the weirdest mode I've ever seen in a Soul Calibur game. It reminds me of the Mission mode or Weapon Master mode from previous Soul Calibur games where you are presented with a little story before each stage that is not canon to the main Soul Calibur story line. The thing is, Gauntlet mode is nothing but a very lengthy tutorial. After reading the story before beginning each stage, you have to meet a certain condition such as block and then counter attack with a kick or horizontal slash in order to advance to the next round. I have no clue why they did this, but it would have been much better if it was like the old fashion Weapon Master mode where you meet certain conditions such as being poisoned and you have to win all rounds before your health runs out. The stories themselves are ridiculous. In one tournament your character is apparently distracted by a swordman's lack of clothing (besides a few pieces of armor, he's only wearing a thong) and he's using it advantageously in his attack so you have to focus on the defensive maneuvers that the game provides for you. The story is meant to be funny, but it just becomes ridiculous.


soul calibur broken destiny          soul calibur broken destiny

In addition to Gauntlet mode, there's also a Trial mode that contains 3 sets of trials. Trial of attack is a mode that grants the player points for landing an attack. The points/score is shown using percentages, and if players manage to chain attack, the higher the percentage. Trial of Defense, on the other hand, gives players points if they can manage to guard AI attacks and then counter them. I prefer Trial of Attack myself since it's the closest thing to an arcade mode in the game. Finally, there's an Endless Trials mode which is basically survival mode.

It is very disappointing that there is no option for online play, but at least you can connect to other players locally through wireless play. Unfortunately I was not able to find anyone with the game to test the mode out.

Finally, there is training mode which should be pretty self explanatory. Players have the option to test out character moves, throws and combos.

Broken Destiny is basically a clone of Soul Calibur IV for the PS3 and Xbox 360, however it does not include the two Star Wars characters: Darth Vader and Yoda. Instead, we get Kratos from the God of War games as a new guest character. In addition to Kratos, there is a new character named Dampierre added to the character roster. It's fun to play as Kratos,  Dampierre, on the other hand, will take some time getting used to with his very "unique" fighting style.

Custom Character creation returns again, but this time there is no special stats connected to  using certain pieces of equipment. This means you don't have to worry about making a character that you think might look cool, but wouldn't be the wisest choice for combat. However, you also can't be that super badass character with great stats anymore. Personally, I prefer there being no special stats, but I'm sure there are fans who think otherwise.

The graphics are stunning. Broken Destiny looks great on the PSP and runs very smoothly. Character models look sharp, are highly detailed and the stages look gorgeous. Not only do the graphics look good, but the game manages to bring over SCIV's impressive soundtrack. They even maintained the option of choosing between English and Japanese voices. It is hard to imagine a huge roster, beautiful graphics and sound all fitting into one small UMD.

The lack of Arcade mode is disappointing, but Soul Calibur Destiny has plenty to offer for fans that want to take Soul Calibur with them on the go. I recommend any fan to pick this up.


- J'Tonello

(October 7, 2009)


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