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- Great graphics

- Multiplayer ensures long lasting appeal with this title

- Gameplay is well balanced with good controls



- Artificial intelligence is still not that intelligent

- Steep learning curve for players new to the series

- Story can be confusing and hard to follow



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Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow

Score: 9.0 / 10


If youíre into world espionage, secret agents, plot twists, combined with a great mixture of stealth and action then Syphon Filter: Loganís Shadow is definitely the game for you.


logan's shadow          logan's shadow


Following the events of the previous hit title, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, our protagonist (Gabe Logan) finds himself called upon to help out against a new terrorist threat.  To top things off, his partner (Lian Xing) has been accused of being a double agent and working for the very organization that Logan has been engaged to defeat.


Unless you have followed the other games in this series closely, you may find yourself getting a little lost in the story along the way as no less than five organizations come into play within eight different locations. If youíre all about the action, then this wonít matter to you anyway as you shoot, run, dodge and swim your way throughout these environments.


The game features one of the best control schemes for a PSP shooter, so youíll find yourself somewhat less annoyed with the single analog stick as the game 




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progresses. Youíll also find that laborious tasks like constantly collecting health packs are a thing of the past as one of your new gadgets is a regenerating health suit. As long as you stay out of the line of fire long enough, youíll be fine.


Like any good sequel, this one will make you feel like you are still playing the same universe as the


previous Syphon Filter titles and yet adds just enough newness to keep you satisfied. For example, the ability to fire blindly behind you at your enemies works really well.  Although itís not as accurate as direct shooting, it might be just enough to get the bad guys to run for cover while you reposition, reload or rethink your strategy going forward.


The graphics are outstanding for the PSP, going so far as to be considered one of the platforms best. The action is smooth and fluid


And speaking of fluid, the underwater scenes are more than just swimming through underground areas like we see in some games. You will actually engage in combat in these moments, and although it might take you a few minutes to get used to how it works I think youíll find yourself taking out enemies with ease in no time.


logan's shadow          logan's shadow


One of the other nice new features is the ability to grapple your enemies towards you and use them as shields. Although the concept isnít exactly new, it is well executed. You will find that you canít do this forever as your prey will eventually break loose but it does add a new element that will keep your interest up. The game does feature some ďinteractive movieĒ moments that have been popularized by God of War, but they are fortunately spaced out through the title and at times provide a welcome relief to all the other hectic action happening around you.


The music is suiting for a game of this type, matching the complex story twists and turns. The overall sound design is what you would expect from a higher end title, and definitely wonít leave you wanting for more. The cliffhanger ending might though, and will have you fully convinced thereís at least one more title left in this series.


The multiplayer is well executed with a good lobby system and seven maps to explore. This adds to the replay value greatly for those that canít get enough of this universe.


The PSP is finally getting some solid original content and this one is among its finest. I highly recommend you give this one a spin.


- Syd Bolton

(December 17, 2007)


Syd Bolton has been collecting game consoles for over 20 years and has dozens of systems and over 5,000 games. Do you agree or disagree with this review? Make sure you share with us here.


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