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October 10, 2006



- Career mode finally goes portable
- All-new online multiplayer option



- Successfully getting your shots to go where you want them to go using the PSP analog nub can be frustrating
- Disappointingly not much of a selection of mini-games
- Visuals a few steps below the PS2 offering



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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

Score: 8.5 / 10


No ifs, ands or putts about it: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is the best golf game the PSP has to offer. It has a few in-the-rough edges, such as a sometimes-frustrating control setup and an inexcusably weak selection (only two) of mini-games for a handheld system that is designed and cries out loudly from the gallery for an abundance of mini-games. But otherwise, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is a solid title, especially now that it finally adds a career mode and all-new online play to go along with an increased course-load of fields of golfing green.


tiger woods pga tour 07          tiger woods pga tour 07

Career mode is the biggest addition to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07. Like its console counterparts, now you can play through entire seasons on the tour calendar competing for the FedEx Cup circuit crown as the best golfer around. As with all of EAís sports games, there is ESPN integration built into your gameplay experience using the PSPís wireless Internet connectivity, so expect a healthy dose of the ESPN ticker running across the bottom of your screen. It does add another layer of realism to the game, however.

Youíll be able to play both the career mode and any other on a boosted amount of courses from last year (now totaling 12), as EA has given golfing gamers a whole new selection of choice greenery to tee off at, including Pinehurst No. 2, Bethpage Black, St. Andrews and a Central Park fantasy course. Thatís more than enough 




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variable types of courses, from forest-like, tree-lined fairways to ones filled with water hazards, to get your golf groove on.

However, youíll have to groove to an uneven gameplay beat with hard-to-grasp controls. Using the PSPís analog nub as the gameís main swing mechanism parlays into a frustrating experience for the casual PSP gamer thatís 


more accustomed to the excellent dual-analog controls of the console versions of the game. It really was frustrating trying to play the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 without really knowing if my shot was going to go where I wanted it to go due to the too-sensitive nature of the analog nub. Putting was even more difficult and exasperating, but by using the tutorial, I was ultimately able to improve my handicap and get a much better grasp on my virtual clubbing using the aforementioned analog nub.

There arenít only a wide variety of courses to select. You also have a big field of real-life golfers to choose from besides Tiger Woods (in two varieties: everyday Tiger and Sunday Tiger in his winning red Nike shirt). Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 features some of the world's best players, including Vijay Singh, John Daly and Retief Goosen. You can also create your own character using the gameís refined and deeper GameFace character-creation tool.

If you donít want to delve into the more involved career mode, there are a few other quick-play modes available, a key facet for gamers on the go with their PSP. You can engage in stroke play, skins games, match play or Stableford competitions on just nine or all 18 holes of your selected course. You also have new online gameplay available.


tiger woods pga tour 07            tiger woods pga tour 07


Central Park mini-games are new, too. Both the Shooting Gallery and Putting Frenzy (Putting Frenzyís more fun, Shooting Galleryís more challenging) are good little diversions that sneakily help improve you Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 golfing skills. Itís too bad that a few more arenít here, because these are the perfect style of mini-games for a portable system. Just a handful more would have really fit perfectly into the PSPís quick gaming-on-the-run (or bus or train) functionality.

Visually, the game isnít really outstanding, sitting somewhere a notch below the PS2 version, but the courses, where the visuals really count, are much better represented than the players themselves. Commentary comes from David Feherty and Gary McCord, and aside from some really annoying wisecracks when your game isnít going well, they provide a decent level of observations where appropriate.

It certainly isnít a hole-in-one for the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series gone portable, but with the career mode and enhanced online play more than making up for lackluster graphics and a dearth of mini-games (although thereís still a plethora of other golf-game modes), Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 still makes the cut as the best PSP golfing game around.

- Lee Cieniawa

(November 28, 2006)


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