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Q2 2006



- Great Graphics

- Grappling hook is pretty cool

- Good voice acting

- Puzzle solving



- Camera really ruins the experience

- Control issues

- Short game



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Tomb Raider: Legend

Score: 6.5 / 10


With the latest Tomb Raider games, fans of the series were not very pleased, even if it returned the series to its roots. However, it is a pretty short game and is almost botched with its poor camera work that constantly requires readjustment.


The game starts off by showing Lara as a child along with her mother in a plane that crashes. After the crash, Laraís mother dies a mysterious death which involves a certain artifact. This still kind of haunts Lara to this day and the story picks up from there.


tomb raider legend          tomb raider legend


On the normal difficulty setting, the enemy AI is not impressive though the gunfights manage to be enjoyable if somewhat straightforward Ė you lock-on to an enemy by holding the L-button and fire with the R-button; dodge incoming fire by rolling or jumping.  Itís standard Tomb Raider stuff here when it comes to combat, though the slow-motion attacks add some drama and the (frustrating) vehicle portions breaks up the action.


Exploration is also enjoyable, with plenty of tricky situations and not-so-obvious puzzles (sometimes itís not all about shooting things). Lara is equipped with a magnetic grapple, which can be used in both exploration/puzzle solving and combat.


However, the whole game is plagued with control and camera issues, and framerate stuttering when thereís a lot going on (even if I was impressed by the overall look of the game).


The real problem with this port is the lack of a right analog stick. Why is this a big problem? It is because of the camera. Since the PSP is lacking a right analog,




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players are forced to hold down the square button and manually rotate the camera using the left analog meaning it canít be rotated while running around. This becomes a real nuisance when you reach one of the gameís puzzle solving areas. Sure you can center the camera by tapping the L-button, but it is not efficient as being able to run around while taking in the surroundings.



During Laraís adventure, there are rewards which are hidden throughout each level. These rewards can be used towards getting extras and bonus content such as concept art, new outfits for Lara and more. Bronze rewards will reward you with informational content, while silver rewards give game content and gold rewards are special game rewards.


The music is well done and fits the game well. Voice acting is top notch which makes the interesting story more enjoyable. I personally am not a Tomb Raider fanboy, but I found the story pretty interesting and it is important to me to have some good dialogue and voice acting to go along with it. TR Legends succeeds at doing so.



tomb raider legend          tomb raider legend


This is not the longest game in the world, but the gameís length might be irrelevant for fans that just want to play a bit of Tomb Raider on the go.  However, I cannot suggest a purchase to anyone except hardcore fans of the console versions due to the controls and crappy camera work. It can get really frustrating for first timers, but the people that have every puzzle memorized from the console versions should not have as much of a problem.


- JíTonello

(July 25, 2006)


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