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Party Game



D3 Publisher






E (Everyone)



December 2, 2008



- Itís cheap!
- The instruction manual comes in three languages! (Es realmente bueno)
- A good game to buy if your mom has taken a sudden interest in gaming and youíre hesitant to break out Resident Evil 4


- Itís cheaply made!
- Played an hour, done
- Like WarioWare, but without the variety or creativity



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Family Party: 30 Great Games

Score: 6.0 / 10


family party          family party


When reviewing any game, the key is to get into the same frame of mind as the target audience. To think like they think. To be the gamer. That being said, with the Wii mote in one hand and a juice box in the other, I was in the right mood when I sat down in my favourite teddy bear jammies to play Tamsoftís Family Party.


With 30 games with required skills varying from log rolling, target shooting, semaphore and memorization, there are a decent number of mini-games to select from. All the games have simple controls, allowing gamers of all ages to compete equally. Some require button mashing, others timing and accuracy. The Wii mote is used in a range of ways, from waving to tilting to aiming. Although the games are simple, no two games are exactly alike. Each game lasts anywhere from 30




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seconds to a maximum of around 2 minutes and takes less than half that time to master.


If I didnít have tendonitis before playing this game, I do now. This game is going to hurt your wrist, a lot. With almost all of the games requiring you to shake the Wii mote vigorously to build up speed, I would advise anyone with pins in their arm to stay away for risk of vibrating them out. (As I finish this review, I plan on


checking the Empireís medical plan to see what if I'm covered.)


Letís be honest, for the new price of $20, youíre going to get what you paid for. The graphics, although simple, are still choppy in their animations. The sound is high pitched and carnival-like, and gets annoying quickly. Luckily if you are playing the game with others as Family Party is intended, the repetitive keyboard tempos will be drowned out. However, if you are a fellow reviewer playing alone in a living room waiting for your 8 year old cousins to arrive and help you take notes, I highly suggest cranking up Cuff the Duke to avoid be killed softly by the soundtrack.


At its low price, this game should earn some consideration from any gamer looking for a cheap and simple game for a young child. Even so, however, I would highly advise you take a look at Mario Party or WarioWare: Smooth Moves instead. Selling for a higher price this review would be a lot lower, but at 1/3 the price of other games, itís only fair that Family Party gets 300% its expected score.


- Karol Kudyba

(March 21, 2009)


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