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Q4 2007



- Pick-up and play for virtually anyone

- Online play is a good feature for when no one else is around

- This is the kind of soccer game I would make



- Simulation junkies will balk at the lack of features

- Online multiplayer suffered lag at the best of times



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FIFA Soccer 08

Score: 7.5 / 10


FIFA Soccer 08 is pretty much how I'd make a soccer video game.  I'd strip out all the stuff that only the hardcore soccer fan cares about -- I have no actual data but I'm sure that 95% of gamers never use General Manager mode (the 5% who do are game reviewers and fanatics) -- and concentrate on making the game as accessible as possible.  FIFA doesn't sway into Mario Strikers Charged territory with a comic depiction of the action, rather it makes the controls so easy to grasp you could easily play the game with your feet.


fifa soccer 08          fifa soccer 08


EA has included a "family" setting which drops the use of the Nunchuk altogether.  Using this setting, all the action of the field is done by the computer, the only input the player has is when to pass and when to shoot! Suddenly FIFA becomes accessible to everyone.  With the Nunchuk attached things aren't nearly as 




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simple, though they still feel far easier to learn than the Xbox 360 version of the same game.


The motion controls here aren't as forced as they tend to be with many Wii games.  Besides mimicking the motion of throwing the ball in, shots are taken and slide tackles performed by motioning up or down with the Wii Remote.


As I said before, FIFA


stays away from the cartoony sensibility, to a point.  The mini-games are full-on cartoony, complete with Mii characters.  They're mostly time wasters and extra padding that have little, if anything, to do with the main game.


The on-field play is actually pretty good, forgiving, of course, the standard stumbling points for sports games, like repetitive commentary.  The number of options aren't nearly as deep as with the other console versions of FIFA Soccer 08 but as the opening paragraph might indicate, I'm not lamenting the omission.  Not knowing a whole lot about international football, being able to just pick-up the controls and play without trying to acclimatize to the nuances of a more dedicated simulation sports game is just more fun to me.


- Omni

(January 4, 2008)


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