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August 26, 2010



- A nice, family-friendly interactive variation on the board game Clue that will appeal to younger gamers
- Randomizing the ďguilty partyĒ on already-played levels increases replayability



- Most of the mini-games, which are just placed in the game for the sake of placing Wii-centric mini-games into the gameplay, are too easy and donít provide much challenge



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Guilty Party

Score: 7.0 / 10


guilty party          guilty party


One time or another, almost everybody enjoys playing amateur detective, whether itís solving the mystery in the novel they are reading or the TV show or movie they are watching or the board game they are playing. In fact, itís the most famous detective board game, Clue, which serves as the inspiration for Disney Guilty Party for the Wii.

Providing plenty of mystery-solving party-style gameplay with Wii-centric features, most notably the mini-game a la WarioWare: Smooth Moves that takes advantage of the physically interactive nature of the Wiimote, Disney Guilty Party is very similar




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to Clue in how gamers play one of its many mysteries. Gamers must find clues, interrogate suspects and then guess whom the ďguilty partyĒ indeed is based on their traits provided by the discovered clues. There are some other elements involved, including the Savvy Cards that can open locked rooms, or have suspects advance their movement (they move around from room to room, making them


harder to interrogate), but it all boils down to interrogating suspects via mini-games, gathering clues, then solving the mystery.

Each locale looks like a huge dollhouse, each opened up large on-screen, revealing all the areas of the locale and showing which potential suspect is in what room. Selecting a particular suspect zooms the gamer into that room they are occupying.

While gamers can solve the mystery alone or compete against up to three others in a board game-style party game to see who can solve the mystery first (cooperative play is also available), in any case there is a story told through animated cartoon cut-scenes.

As a member of the world-famous Dickens Detective Agency, not only do gamers have to deduct who the guilty party is, they must give the three correct reasons, from the plethora of clues they gathered by successfully completing some of the 50 mini-games, as to why thatís the correct guilty party. If gamers use the wrong clues, the guilty party stays a suspect, but isnít revealed as the culprit. If gamers try and accuse a suspect with the wrong clues too many times, the mystery is over. Of course, if the correct three clues are used, the guilty party is revealed.

However, although it may sound as if Disney Guilty Party is challenging, itís not a very difficult game at all. With the Disney name attached, itís meant to be more kid-friendly sleuthing that gives just as much emphasis to the mini-games as it does the mystery-solving.


guilty party          guilty party

The premise is simple: play the mini-game and unlock a clue. And just as simple are these mini-games. Even younger gamers wonít find them much of a challenge at all. While there are a lot of mini-games, most donít make much sense relative to the mystery. One requires tickling a suspectís face with a feather. Another, gamers must peel back wallpaper to uncover hidden notes. In yet another, thereís a ďthumb warĒ between the gamer and the suspect. They are part of the sleuthing just as an excuse to insert mini-gaming into the gameplay.

Playing the story mode and successfully solving the cases unlocks even more mystery settings for amateur detectives to sharpen their inner Sherlock Holmes investigation skills. From the cruise ship, aquarium and those good-old mystery standbys, the mansion and a passenger train, Disney Guilty Party has enough different locales straight from the pages of a classic Agatha Christie novel.

A nice feature is that even once gamers solve a particular mystery at a particular locale, the game randomizes the guilty party so that replaying that same locale doesnít have the same mystery-solving result. Those same levels also are the setting for the multiplayer gaming. The only real difference in the party mode is obviously that gamers are trying to be the first detective to find the culpable culprit.

Although not much of a gameplay challenge for anybody over the age of 10, the Clue-like gameplay structure of Disney Guilty Party provides a nice little mystery party for wannabe detective Wii gamers.

- Lee Cieniawa

(November 19, 2010)


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