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HAL / Good-Feel



E (Everyone)



October 17, 2010



- Absolutely charming
- Two-player mode
- Should appeal to everyone from kids to adults



- Dips into saccharine territory occasionally



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Kirby's Epic Yarn

Score: 9.0 / 10


kirby's epic yarn          kirby's epic yarn


My kids played (together - yay no knuckle-bleeding arguments!) through most of Kirby's Epic Yarn while I watched and provided very minimal commentary.

"I think you might want to try going up there."




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And that was the extent of my meddling. Besides the extremely charming aesthetics of Epic Yarn, the big draw is the simplicity and accessibility of the game. Kirby "whips" items into balls of yarn, pulls items like zippers and buttons to manipulate the environment, and even jump behind the scenery to become the proverbial "mysterious lump under the covers" to fully explore areas. And then there are


those moments when Kirby becomes something a little more impressive like a screen-filling tank that rolls out acrylic destruction for all who get in his way.


kirby's epic yarn          kirby's epic yarn

Kirby can't die. Taking a hit will scatter gems that he has collected but other than that, there's no real penalty to frustrate anyone. Losing gems will affect the final score, which became my mark of success. The kids were just happy to finish an area or decorate Kirby's living space with collected bonus items.

It's fun and non-threatening, and anyone watching it will be entertained. And though the "epicness" of the yarn might be a little misleading for the hardcore crowd they'll still have their competitive buttons pushed.

- Aaron Simmer

(November 27, 2010)


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