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Bandai Namco



E (Everyone)



August 25, 2008



- Full assortment of Mario characters (40+)

- Pick up and play controls

- Fast paced action



- Challenge mode repetitive and short

- Single player experience can get frustrating

- No online mode



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Mario Super Sluggers

Score: 6.5 / 10


If you’re looking for a pure baseball experience, a game filled with detailed statistics and complicated hitting mechanics, Mario Super Sluggers isn’t the game for you. But if you’re looking for a fun multiplayer experience that combines hitting home runs and launching fireballs at shortstops while trying to avoid lava, ghosts and exploding man holes, you might want to take a closer look at the newest iteration of Mario Baseball.


super mario sluggers          super mario sluggers


While taking a leisurely trip with his friends to Baseball Island, Mario discovers that Baby Bowser has taken over and has captured some of Mario’s friends. To free them, Mario has to travel from field to field solving puzzles and defeating challenges.


The challenges go from being mind numbingly easy (simply getting an out) to death-to-the-controller frustrating (getting a hit to right field 3/10 times). However,




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what’s strange about the single player experience is how short and simple it is to unlock everything. As soon as you can field a team – which can be done in less than 30 min – you have the option of taking on Baby Bowser and completing the game. While unlocking all 40+ characters is reason enough to explore every area to its fullest, there’s no discernable reason to replay Challenge mode once it’s done.



The multiplayer experience is where this game shines. With one to three other players, all the frustrating occurrences (getting hit with a barrel while fielding a fly ball) change from reasons to break your controller in to two reasons to laugh and trash talk your opponents. Mario Super Sluggers is a game meant to be played with friends. The fast transition in between pitches keeps the game moving quickly and every game offers something different. If the game had an online option and could always be a multi-player game, it would add a lot to the long term playability.


super mario sluggers          super mario sluggers


While the graphics are on the same level as the original Mario Baseball for Gamecube, but for the purposes of a cartoon baseball game they do just fine. Although it would be nice if the grass and character designs had more texture to them, where the lack of attention to detail is most noticeable is when it comes to fielding. As long as you come within a foot of the ball it magically appears in your glove.


If you want to play baseball on the Wii, try The Bigs or MLB Power Pros. Even though Sluggers does have fast paced action, giant baseball super pitches and fireball star hits, as a baseball game, Mario Super Sluggers is too simplistic for the average game player. The hitting plane is merely horizontal and there are only three types of pitches to throw. Although super powers and high flying catches make the game interesting, I’d suggest renting it first before making a purchase.


- Karol Kudyba

(October 13, 2008)


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