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Ignition Entertainment



Ignition Entertainment



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Q4 2007



- Very intuitive control scheme

- Big bright graphics are easy on the eyes (and might remind some of the classic Marble Madness)

- Puzzle challenge ranges from easy to brain melting



- Some really frustrating puzzles



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Mercury Meltdown Revolution

Score: 7.5 / 10


I will remember Mercury Meltdown Revolution for the simple fact that I had the urge, often, to throw my Wii Remote across the room.  To say that Mercury Meltdown can be frustrating is like describing outer space as "roomy" - an understatement, to say the least.


mercury meltdown revolution          mercury meltdown revolution


The premise behind this puzzle game is, like all successful puzzle games, very simple.  In this case, the goal is to get (most of) your blob of mercury from point A to point B (and sometimes back again with a strict time limit) by holding the Wii Remote horizontally and tipping it left and right, forward and back to tilt the board to get your mercury moving.  The obstacles along the way are many and the introductory levels do a 




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good job of laying them all out, but there are none so frustrating as splitting the mercury blob into pieces (by ramming it against sharp points in the level) to activate door switches in a certain order.  Controlling two blobs is a lot harder than controlling one, of course, and it's even harder to change their colors independently then roll the pieces together to create a new color.



Many of the levels can be completed in two or three attempts, but there are some that are so difficult I wonder if the developers set out to break people's minds.


mercury meltdown revolution           mercury meltdown revolution


I failed to mention that pretty much every level has no sides to prevent your mercury from flying out into space!  I felt like I needed hands of a brain surgeon to make any kind of headway on the later levels because honestly a moment's hesitation -- or not enough hesitation -- would ultimately lead to failure.  That said, it's very satisfying to finish those "impossible" levels


Puzzle fans will likely glom onto Mercury Meltdown Revolution and will revel in the challenge, creative levels, and the basic and accessible control scheme, but unless you're a puzzle fanatic there's only frustration to be found.


- Omni

(January 4, 2007)


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