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November 16, 2010



- A collection of classic arcade games



- The collection of classic arcade games is missing selections from the Xbox 360
- The remixes are all pretty banal
- This is just a slightly upgraded version of an already released package



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Namco Museum Megamix

Score: 5.0 / 10


namco museum megamix          manco museum megamix


Namco sure loves these Museum compilation discs, don't they? It's hard to tell
what's different about this one, because they probably don't want you to know
that it's actually just a slightly upgraded re-release of the Namco Museum Remix
release from back in 2007. That one included 5 "remixed" versions of various
Namco games - Motos, Galaga, Pac n' Roll, Rally-X and Gator Panic - plus 9
emulated classic games. This Megamix version adds one new arranged game - Grobda - plus 9 more arcade classics, for a total of 24 games.

The remixed versions are not particularly good. They are all given bright 3D
makeovers, and in most of them, the player controls Pac-Man rather than whatever
the original game starred. Rally-X really isn't a racing game so much as a




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variation on Pac-Man, as you drive through mini-mazes to pick up flags, while Grobda puts you in control of a tank and just lets you shoot lasers at stuff. The remixed versions of these are relatively similar to the games that inspired
them. While neither game was terribly involving to begin with, at least they were somewhat fun - here, the awkward camera angles and sloppy controls turn them incredibly annoying.


In Motos, you control a small bumper car-esque ship on a board floating over
outer space. You have no weapons, but the goal is to bump all of the orbs off
the field without getting knocked off yourself. The remixed version of this is
probably the least offensive, just because it doesn't screw up anything major,
but again, it's hardly that interesting of a game to begin with, so that doesn't
mean much. Gator Panic wasn't even a proper arcade game, but actually a
redemption game much like Whack-a-Mole. The remixed version does not anything to this formula.

Galaga is perhaps the most perplexing, because it has very little to do with the
game it's apparently remixing. Here, you watch Pac-Man roll on a track through a
colorful version of outer space, which looks suspiciously reminiscent of Super
Mario Galaxy. You need to protect him from various bugs by shooting at them with
the Wii remote. That's the entire game. The only thing remotely related to
Galaga is that the enemy patterns are somewhat familiar.


namco museum megamix            namco museum megamix


Pac n' Roll is an upgraded version of an early DS title, where Pac-Man rolls
around various environments like a marble. Compared to something like Super
Monkey Ball or Kororinpa, it's definitely more geared to the casual crowd, as
it's a pretty easy game. It also completely misses some of the core tenements of
a Pac-Man game - you can technically get power pellets to chomp on ghosts, but
it lacks the same crunchy satisfaction. It's technically the most playable of
any of the remixed versions on here, but it's still kind of boring.

The arcade game selection is typical of these discs - various Pac-Man
iterations, including Super Pac-Man, Pac & Pal and Pac-Mania, various Galaxian
remixes including Galaga and Gaplus, Dig Dug, Mappy, Xevious, and the obscure
Cutie Q. The Megamix version adds Pac-Man (which was inexplicably missing from
the first release, although Ms. Pac-Man is still absent), Grobda, New Rally-X,
King & Balloon, Bosconian and Dig Dug II. It's still missing tons of games from
the Xbox 360 Virtual Arcade Collection, like Dragon Buster, Dragon Spirit, Tower
of Druaga, Rolling Thunder and others. And it's frustrating to have to dig up
crusty old PSOne compilations if you want to legitimately play classics like The
Legend of Valkyrie or Dragon Saber, but so it goes. These arcade games, while
overdone, are still the best reason to own this collection - it's hard to
completely hate any product that includes the relatively unsung Dig Dug II and
Gaplus - but otherwise this whole package is little more than a quickie cash-in.


- Kurt Kalata

(March 27, 2011)


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