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E +10 (Everyone)



September 15, 2009



- Great control with the Wiimote
- Good online support that evens work with WiiSpeak
- Challenging, fun games



- Some lag when too many players are on
- Less audio than big brother counterparts, but it turns out to be not such a bad thing
- Menus arenít as intuitive or friendly as they could be



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NHL 2K10

Score: 8.5 / 10


nhl 2k10 review          nhl 2k10


The Wii often gets a bad rap when it comes to sports games (other than the much heralded Wii Sports of course) and most of the time it is well deserved. It always seems like the Wii has got to take some compromise on the graphics or most notably the online play.

Iím happy to report that NHL 2K10 is not one of those titles and in fact if youíve got multiple consoles Iím going to go on record as saying that this is the version to get




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for the fun factor.

First of all, youíre not going to give up the online play like you do in many Wii titles. You can invite another play in at just about any time and it all works pretty well. The only downside was when there were more than five other remote players but this could have also been caused by other internet factors beyond the games control.

NHL 2K10 also supports some of those extra


peripherals youíve been racking up in the corner. Although the balance board isnít one of them (I can imagine support for skating and turning side to side would be a great feature for future games) you will be able to use that WiiSpeak thatís collecting dust and more importantly, the Wii Motion Plus controls. You can even play with the classic controller if you feel like youíre more at home with Blades of Steel.

Control is where this game truly shines. Youíll use the nunchuk to control your skater and the remote to pass, shoot and check. The added accuracy offered by the Wii Motion Plus control means youíll even be able to poke check and feel like youíre really part of the game. In fact, hammering opponents into the boards can actually give you muscle strain! It truly is a decent workout in its own right.


nhl 2k10 review          nhl 2k10 review

The artificial intelligence has also been greatly improved in this title over the previous release. When you score a goal here, you definitely feel like you have earned it. Single player gaming experiences are going to result in a lot more one and two goal decisions which is often a problem for computer controlled games.
The graphics and sound are improved over last yearís release and itís quite obvious that this version received the love and attention that youíd hope for on a system with motion control. The presentation could use some additional work, especially when trying to navigate the menus. Itís not perfect but once youíre into the game your focus will be shifted elsewhere.

Youíre also going to be able to do some of the fun extra things like drive the Zamboni between periods, although this gets rather old pretty quickly but is fun to try a couple of times.

Overall, for a game that was supposed to be more about the arcade experience of hockey it feels like a more complete solution than the ďother productĒ and impressed me at every turn. Sure, the graphics are subpar compared to the other consoles but when youíre hitting and checking and whooping it up on your couch it all seems less important.


- Syd Bolton

(February 12, 2010)


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