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February 27, 2012



- Just enough challenge for the core kid demographic this is aimed at
- Easy to jump in and help kids with the more difficult parts



- So, so, so cute
- "Not enough Pokémon!"



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PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond

Score: 7.5 / 10


pokepark 2 wonders beyond          pokepark 2 wonders beyond


PokePark 2 is, more or less, on the same footing as the Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball games.

It's much more kid friendly, of course. But like DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball and Xtreme 2, PokePark 2 is all about playing nice and doing favours (or maybe even "battling") in hopes of acquiring more friends in this world devoid of humans trying




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to stuff unwitting creatures into Pokeballs.

Mini-games will be played, PokeFriends made, a weird story will play out, and Aunt DD will slip into a sort of diabetic coma from all the sweet cuteness that Pokemon exhued like some kind of digital pheromone. After about 10 minutes, my tolerance for the adorable creatures rubbing me all the


wrong ways reaches its limit, well before my attention wanes from the simple mini-games, and I have to hand-off the controls to my young niece (7) and nephew (8), the clear demographic for PokePark 2.


pokepark 2 wonders beyond           pokepark 2 wonders beyond


They can't seem to get enough of it but even in that there was some critical ire levelled at the developers for not including more Pokémon, though from what I can there's a hundred of the little guys in the game.

"Why isn't Comeandgetchu in this game?"

Kids, I have no idea. And your parents should be here soon, so Aunt DD can hit the bar.

"Can we take PokePark with us?"

You go right ahead, kids.

- Asma Malik

(April 12, 2012)


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