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Ubisoft Paris



T (Teen)



March 23, 2010



- Improves greatly on the original
- Great graphics
- Polished and fun!



- The loading ďdoorĒ looks like itís from Doom, about 15 years too late
- Was Wii Motion Plus really necessary?
- Sometimes it misreads your motions



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Red Steel 2

Score: 8.5 / 10


red steel 2          red steel 2


If you are still reeling from the promise that the original Red Steel was going to change your life with sword swinging gameplay and gun shooting and yet were left with an awful taste in your mouth, donít worry. Salvation is here. More than just a sequel, this time around it looks like the good folks over at Ubisoft decided to start all over again and give the concept a second try. Iím glad they did.

First of all, youíll need Wii Motion Plus to even play this title. Although it certainly adds to the accuracy and feel of what youíre doing Iím not entirely sure the game couldnít have been made without it. No matter Ė I have the devices so itís always




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good to see them used.

Red Steel 2 is a mission-based game. Youíll start out with the usual amount of training although it does seem to be a little much at times. Probably because itís necessary to nail down the subtleties but I found myself getting a little tired of it. The training will have you repeat moves several times until it is


convinced that you know it inside and out. This also includes new moves that you can purchase with the coins you collect throughout the landscape.

Overall, the game moves fast with great graphics (I know, Iíll say it Ė ďfor the WiiĒ) and the only time during gameplay that I came out of the experience is during the load screens which are ďcleverlyĒ hidden behind doors that literally look like they were leftover assets that someone at Ubi used from rejected Doom doors. Iím not sure how metal doors fight into this pseudo Japanese-Western style theme that you are walking around in, but they definitely felt out of place.

Youíll face a number of enemies as you complete tasks and missions that are assigned to you. Some are harder to defeat than others or require special techniques (ie: remove the outer armor with your sword before even attempting to shoot with your gun). I was particularly impressed at how easy it is to switch back and forth between gunplay and swordplay; itís just easy and it works.


red steel 2          red steel 2

When you finish the main campaign, youíll be able to start again in challenge mode to get more rewards but you might be frustrated going through the training again (canít we add a skip button please?). The main campaign might take you around ten hours, so while there is certainly good substance here thereís not a whole lot of replay value. The game does not contain a multiplayer mode, apparently a conscious choice on the developerís part to make sure the single player campaign was as good as it could be.

A lot of how I score a game is based upon the overall experience and I must say that this game did impress with me. Itís not perfect, but I found myself having a lot of fun and wanting to continue playing just one more mission to see what would happen. I cared about looking around to shoot coins that were hidden in places I hadnít noticed the first time so I could earn extra cash to spend on upgrades.

So whether youíre more comfortable with your katana or a six shooter, Red Steel 2 has you covered. Itís a fun game that is unlike anything else really on the Wii right now so go pick it up and give it a slash.


- Syd Bolton

(June 3, 2010)

Syd Bolton surrounds himself in thousands of classic video games at the Personal Computer Museum (http://www.pcmuseum.ca/) in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.


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