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Ubisoft Montreal



E +10 (Everyone)



November 10, 2009



- Good graphics

- Great control with the balance board



- Not a whole lot different than the first one

- Single player game can be beaten quickly



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Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage

Score: 7.5 / 10


If you had a chance to try out Shaun White last year, you may have noticed that the Wii version with its support of the balance board was actually the best of the lot between the major consoles. Apparently, Ubisoft agreed because they only released the sequel on the Wii.


shaun white snowboarding world stage          shaun white snowboarding world stage


This year a whole new hub system (with some ever subtle advertising, cough cough) lets you choose where you go next or review your stats or even design your own tricks. This system uses the new Wii Motion plus to give you greater control, although the extra enhancement doesnít work in the primary game. Perhaps in the next release.


The graphics in this time arenít a whole lot different from last year, but itís not necessarily a problem. Itís very cartoony and something weíve come to expect from




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the Wii but ultimately itís about catching air in the snow and that all works very well.


I played the game both with the controller and with the balance board. Although the controller can be a tad bit easier, I found the board to give the better overall experience and I think the developers really nailed the experience using it.


In terms of gameplay, you start out ranked as


number 100 and need to work your way up the ranks. Every time you play and achieve a star you move up in one of the events like trick challenges, racing, half pipes and even an elimination mode. The more stars you get, the faster you move up.


After youíve beat the single player campaign which probably wonít take you too long if you are dedicated youíll have the multiplayer left to keep you busy. Up to four players can compete, but as with most other titles the Wii can only talk to one balance board so the other players will all have to use their Wiimotes. The challenges can either be split screen or taking turns.


shaun white snowboarding world stage          shaun white snowboarding world stage


The audio is reasonably well done although it would be nice if there was a little more variety and just a few more songs so that you donít get as much repetition. Itís really the fun gameplay that carries this title through to the score Iím giving it.


Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage may appear to be a kids game and while itís certainly kid friendly I think itís going to appeal to snow boarders of all ages. So grab that balance board and hit the slopes. At least if you fall off the ground wonít be cold.


- Syd Bolton

(January 21, 2010)

 Syd Bolton surrounds himself in classic games at the Personal Computer Museum (www.pcmuseum.ca) in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.


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