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Nintendo Wii









Vicarious Visions



T for Teen



May 4, 2007



- Fun to swing with your hands
- A deep title in terms of missions
- Black suit/red suit element works well



- The textures look like the Nintendo 64 at times
- Numerous clipping bugs take you out of the experience
- Ultimately, it gets kind of boring pretty quick


Review: Spider-Man 3 (PS3)

Review: Spider-Man 3 (Xbox 360)


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Spider-man 3

Score: 6.5 / 10


spider-man-3-1a.jpg (189620 bytes)          spider-man-3-2a.jpg (128686 bytes)


The Wii version of Spider-man 3 was developed by a separate team from the one that made the other “next-gen” versions, so I was definitely expecting some differences in this version. Vicarious Visions couldn’t save the game design, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some fun to be had here.


What you are going to notice most about the Wii version is the way you swing around. A click on the Z button and a flick of the nunchuk will send Spidey veering off to the nearest building to your left. A click on the B button and a flick of the Wiimote and you are moving, now to the right. The system takes a little getting used to but once you do, you’ll be impressed. It even senses more dramatic swings that cause you to move more sharply one way or the other. It really does work well.


Once you are swinging around with ease, you’ll want something to do, right? This is where the game starts to fail. The missions are mostly boring – defuse the mines, kill the bad guys, you get the drift. You’ll also find yourself on the ground more than you’d like to be taking out the enemies.


You’ll also start to notice a high number of glitches at this point. People walk through vehicles (or you) – the graphical glitches were much higher than I would have expected, although it tends to become typical when a movie licensed game has to ship on a certain date prior to the movie regardless of its condition.





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While I’m complaining about the bugs, I must also mention the fact that although the city universe is vast and you never feel confined you will notice that as you move away from the buildings their textures turn to mush. I take that back – they almost turn to just plain nothing which we haven’t seen since the Nintendo 64 days.


The plot of the movie is woven in here, but feels 


tacked on. I know for a fact that the teams working on the game did not know the plot of the movie when they began development, which explains why many of the missions are not related to the movie in any way shape or form. It’s not that it’s a bad thing per se, but the blending of their missions and the movie ones could have been more seamless.


The option of switching to the black suit is a good one. You can essentially change at will. The black suit makes Spidey stronger and faster, but the cost is that you don’t gain the experience that you do in the red suit which allows you to buy upgrades and abilities. Ultimately, the red suit is the better one to play with but the black suit makes things easier in certain situations. If you keep the black suit on too long, you will suffer side effects from the symbiote taking over – eventually causing you to pass out and reappear somewhere else in the game world. This game play element feels fresh and interesting in this type of game.


spider-man-3-3a.jpg (128966 bytes)         spider-man-3-4a.jpg (139501 bytes)


In case you are wondering, Bruce Campbell does return to voice the training mode of the game and the rest of the polish (with the exceptions noted above) is what you would come to expect from a big budget game. So it’s a lot of fun when you first get started and learn to swing around, but the missions are going to get tiring and boring rather quickly. At the end of the day, only truly dedicated Spider-man fans are going to play this one through to the end.


Syd Bolton

July 9, 2007

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